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DN Forums Rules

Date added: 18 December 2012 - 02:51 PM
Date updated: 18 July 2016 - 08:49 AM

DN Forums Rules

Dueling Network Forums follows a warning system which assists the forum moderators with dealing with inappropriate behavior or content posted by members on these forums. This regulations page will assist in making members more aware of the punishments involved when not abiding by the following forum rules and regulations. If you commit an offense, the appropriate punishment will be issued and your warning point count may increase. After a certain amount of warning points have been accumulated on your accounts, your account will be permanently unable to access this forum. It is in your best interest to behave and follow the rules.

• You are required to read and follow our Terms of Service.
• Warning points are cumulative. New punishments are based solely on your warning point count, disregarding the categories of previous offenses.
• Warning Points will expire one year from the date of issue.
• If multiple offenses occur over two or more categories in a single event, warning points will be stacked and a single appropriate punishment based on the total warning point count will be applied.
• You are responsible for all DN Forums activity performed on your account and computer, even if other individuals break the rules using them.
• The information contained here is subject to change without prior notice. It's your responsibility to stay up to date. Major changes will be announced in the Forum Announcements forum.
• All of the forum rules listed here apply to status updates, as well as posts, signatures, etc.
• Upper Staff reserve the right to upgrade or downgrade penalties at their discretion. (The term "Upper Staff" refers to Super Moderators and Head Administrators.)
The Golden Rule: Head Administrators may increase or lower a user's Warning Points or take any punitive action they deem reasonable against a user's account at their discretion.
• As well as the rules listed on this page, each individual forum may have their own individual rules. These will be detailed in a pinned topic in that forum, if applicable. A list of these topics may be found here.
• If you accumulate a permanent suspension on Dueling Network Forums you are allowed to return with a new account. Once you accumulate three permanent suspensions you will no longer be allowed to visit this community and an IP ban will be issued. We further reserve the right to IP Ban users deemed to be malicious by Head Administrators.

Possible Sanctions

Category Description
Verbal Warning - Verbal warnings may be issued at the discretion of a moderator either by a post in a thread, via forum PM, or as a warning worth zero points. A verbal warning should be taken as a friendly reminder to re-familiarise yourself with the forums’ rules, and will oftentimes be the first indication that your post was not up to standard.
Posts Hidden - Moderators may remove posts that do not comply with forum/site rules, or that are otherwise disruptive to the forum and/or community.
Warning Points - Warning Points are a culmative record of your behaviour on our site. When you commit an infraction, warning points may be recorded on your account. As you accumulate points, automatic punitive action will be taken against your account. Warning Points will expire 1 year after date of issue, except in the case of a permanent ban.
Moderated Content - If your content is moderated, posts you make will not be immediately visible to the public until they are approved by a moderator. This penalty may be issued automatically once warning points are accumulated, or be enforced by Head Administrator discretion.
Topic Ban - Moderators may, at their discretion, ban members from posting in a particular topic.
Section Ban - At the discretion of the upper staff, members may be banned from posting in particular sections of the forum. Details regarding such bans, their duration and reasoning, etc., will be communicated to users via forum PM.
Post Count Reset - Generally (but not always) reserved for spammers, this will result your account’s total number of posts being reset to zero.
Like (Reputation) Reset - Like boosting will result in your total like count being reset to 0. Refer to our detailed information on Like (Repuation) Boosting here: Reputation Rules
Signature/Avatar Removal - Users who violate any of the forums’ rules in their signatures or avatars may, at the discretion of the staff, have their ability to use these features revoked. By using our forum, you agree to use tasteful, appropriate “G” rated images. Please contact an upper staff member if you would like clarification on whether a specific image or other content is permissible.
Profile Wipe - Users who violate any of the forums’ rules in their account profile will, at the discretion of the staff, have their profile wiped and potentially have their ability to personalise their profile revoked.
Temporary Ban - Accounts under a temporary ban will have their access to the forum suspended for the duration of the ban.
Permanent Ban - Accounts which are permanently banned may never be used to access the forum. Users who accumulate a total of 4 warning points will be permanently banned from the forum.

Warning Points & Expiration

Category Description Warning Points Expiry Time
Abusive Behavior (Minor) Intentionally badgering others with insulting remarks. Content breaking this rule will be removed or edited without question. (Notice: Repeat offenses may be upgraded to their Major counterparts):

- Posting insulting content that continues to badger a member after they have told you to stop.
- Replying to a status update with insulting content "This status is dumb, don't post dumb statuses and get out of DNF you tool."

- -
Abusive Behavior (Major) Abusive conduct toward others, aimed at purely insulting, degrading or threatening. Content breaking this rule will be removed or edited without question:

- Posting content that includes racial, sexual or hateful messages.
- Posting a status update aimed at degrading another member or group of members.
- Creating a signature that calls out a member or group of members and insults them.

1 Warning Point 1 Year
Abusive Behavior (Severe) Threatening or overly abusive conduct. Involves clear intention to stir up hatred, be hurtful, incite discrimination or violence against a person, their property, or a people. Content breaking this rule will be removed or edited without question:

- Posting that you want to kill a specific member or group of members.
- Posting a status update explaining the process in which you want to ruin a members life.
- Creating a signature that shows graphic imagery with text clearly associating it with a specific member.

2 Warning Points 1 Year
Fraud Thieving, scamming, or being otherwise dishonest in a trade. Violating copyright/intellectual property laws:

- Using another’s GFX work without permission and/or without acknowledging the artist/creator.
- Claiming another’s work as your own.
- Thieving and/or Scamming in Trades.

1 Warning Point 1 Year
Like Boosting Using multiple accounts or friends to boost your Like count illegitimately:

- Severity of infraction will depend on points issued.
- Click here to our detailed post concerning our rules about Reputation/Like Boosting.

2 Warning Points 1 Year
Personal Information Disclosing another member's personal information to the public against their will:

- Providing another user links to a member's Facebook without their permission.
- Sharing another member's photos without their permission.

4 Warning Points 1 Year
Objectionable Material Posting a link to a pornographic, illegal, or harmful website:

- Hyperlinking a pornographic website in an image or signature.
- Using a sexually driven image that is deemed inappropriate.

4 Warning Points 1 Year
Hacking Threating to compromise the security of a user's account or Dueling Network (Forums) itself:

- Telling another user you will DDOS them, steal their account, etc
- Threating to harm the website via DOS/DDOS attacks, etc

4 Warning Points 1 Year
Report Button Misuse Using the Dueling Network Forums report button to send illegitimate reports with no basis:

- Submitting a report and just typing "lol"
- Submitting constant reports with no valid reasoning given for the report.

- -
Spam (Minor) Posting uselessly with content that offers no contribution to the topic or community. (Notice: Repeat offenses may be upgraded to their Major counterparts):

- Posting a topic that has content consisting only of the word "hello!"
- Creating a post that only consists of a short phrase or single word meaningless to the topic.
- Creating a post the only consists only of a series of emoticons.

- -
Spam (Major) Posting excessively with content that offers no contribution to the topic or community:

- Posting multiple topics in a short period of time with useless content consisting of phrases such as: "Hello forum!" "This is cool" "Hahahahahahahahaha"
- Creating multiple posts that only consist of short phrases or words that are meaningless to the topic
- Creating a farewell topic with intention to then actively return to the forum within a period of 2 months.
- Ignoring a Spam (Minor) warning given by a moderator.
- Posting in the capacity of a moderator, trying to enforce punishments or rules on other users and/or otherwise acting in the capacity of a staff member.

1 Warning Point 1 Year


Total Warning Point Count Punishment

1 Warning Point

Three day suspension
2 Warning Points Five day suspension
3 Warning Points Seven day suspension
4 Warning Points Perma Ban

• After a Warning and points have been issued by a moderator, you will be alerted of your Warning on your next log in to Dueling Network Forums via notification. You will be asked to agree to the Warning points and understand why they were given to you. Failing to do so will mean that the punishment you receive will never expire, and the points will never be removed from your account. To acknowledge and agree to the Warning points issued, view any topic and click "Reply to this topic" you will get forwarded to an acknowledgment page. If you ever have a need to appeal your points you can PM an Administrator of the board.
• *Penalty Evasion: Using an alternate account to bypass any sanctions enforced by forum staff. As well as resulting in a permanent ban of this alternate account, additional penalties may also be enforced against your main account at the discretion of the staff.

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