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DN Rules

Date added: 02 March 2012 - 11:04 PM
Date updated: 14 May 2016 - 02:09 PM

Rules and Punishments

Each type of offense contains examples of them in italics. If you commit an offense, the appropriate punishment will be issued and your strike count may increase. After a certain amount of strikes have been added to your profile, you will be permanently banned. It is in your best interest to behave and follow the rules.

• Strikes are cumulative. New punishments are based solely on your strikes count, disregarding the categories of previous offenses.
• If multiple offenses occur over two or more categories in a single event, ban days will stack and a single strike will be added.
• You are responsible for all DN activity performed on your account and/or network, even if other individuals break the rules using them.
• The use of Proxy Servers, Public Hotspots is not recommended, as it could result in an automatic ban of your account. Unban of these accounts is completely up to the discretion of our Head Administration. Use at your own risk!
• Offenses are not limited to examples given in italics.
• The policy listed below will be applied to all official events on Dueling Network (This includes but it's NOT limited to rated duels, official tournaments and war duels).
• If you commit an offense you may receive a warning on your infraction record without being notified.
• Dueling Network makes any and all efforts to simulate a real world experience. This means you can expect policies from major tournaments to be enforced here as well.
• The information contained here is subject to change without prior notice. It's your responsibility to stay up to date.
• Head Administrators reserve the right to increase or lower any punishments as necessary.

General Duel Errors & Misconduct

Category Description In-Duel action
Game-play (Minor) Minor, unintentional game-play errors that can be fixed by an Administrator by simple instruction:

- Attempting to Summon a monster while an effect prohibits from doing so.
- Both players forget to resolve a mandatory effect of that turn. Easily traced back.

In-Duel warning only
Game-play (Major) Major, unintentional game-play errors that cause major disruption to the game and is beyond repair by an Administrator, or upgrade after a second Game-play (Minor) offense:

- Shuffling the hand (unknown content) into the Deck.
- Forgetting a maintenance cost that isn't noticed until turns later after gaining advantage.

Game Loss only
Slow Play (Minor) Unintentionally playing slowly or stalling, causing game delay. A reasonable pace must be kept even if a situation is complex:

- Being extensively slow when making a move.
- Repeatedly checking the Graveyard instead of making a move.
- Being AFK for less than 6 minutes, when not in a generally unrecoverable position, and returning when prompted by an Administrator.

In-Duel warning only
Slow Play (Major) Unresponsive or upgrade after a second Slow Play (Minor) offense. A player will not make a move even after instructed by an Administrator:

- Continue being extensively slow when making a move.
- Being unresponsive for 30 seconds after being prompted by an Administrator.
- Being AFK for 6 minutes or more, when not in a generally unrecoverable position, regardless of returning.

Game/Match Loss only
Rule-sharking Using rules and policy in an attempt to gain an advantage, rather than to ensure fair and consistent gameplay.

- Attempting to force a non-existent rule or policy on an opponent who has made a small and repairable error.
- Not allowing an opponent to Set an accidental Normal Summon (e.g. Snowman Eater).
- Not allowing an opponent to activate/resolve a mandatory effect since they "missed the chance".
- Asking an opponent to admit defeat after they have drawn an extra card by accident without shuffling their hand.
» A second offense after a warning is an upgradable Game Loss.

In-Duel warning only
Non-compliance Refusing to comply with an Administrator's instructions and not making a move even by their instruction:

- A player fails to comply with an Administrator's instructions after being given 30 seconds to do so.
- A player continues to be extensively slow when making a move after being told to play faster.
- Refusing to play after a Game-play (Minor), Slow Play (Minor), Rule-sharking or Harassment (Minor) issue was addressed and solved.
» If numerous non-compliance penalties have been accumilated, the next offence may be upgraded to Trolling (Major) with approval from a Senior Administrator.

Game Loss and
Warning (no strike)
Profanity A player uses profanity towards an administrator(s):

- A player says "f**k you" to an administrator.
- A player says "all admins are s**t."

Game Loss and
Harassment (minor)


Category Description 1st Strike 2nd Strike 3rd Strike 4th Strike
Cheating Includes, but is not limited to, intentionally misrepresenting game-state or rules. Giving inaccurate information to the opponent, bribery, collusion or coaching:

- Intentionally drawing several cards with the intention to cheat.
- Writing down Duel information that isn't used to keep track of Mandatory effects, turn counts, or turn counters.
- Misrepresenting the rules to an opponent in order to gain advantage.
- Misinterpreting the amount of Life Points gained/lost by an effect(s) with the intention to cheat.
- Coaching players using any form of communication, including, but not limited to, giving advice such as what play to make or reminding a user of an optional effect in watchers chat, private messages or public chat.
- Offering to give your opponent the right to pick who goes first next game in exchange for siding out a specific card or cards; accepting such an offer is collusion.

5 day ban Perma ban - -
Malicious AFK Deliberately leaving a game or being purposely inactive in order to stall out an opponent or generally waste people's time:

- Purposely becoming unresponsive when in a generally unrecoverable position.
- Purposely becoming unresponsive after a disagreement with your opponent.
- Purposely becoming unresponsive to force your opponent to quit.

3 day ban 5 day ban 7 day ban Perma ban
Lying to an Administrator Deliberately lying to an Administrator:

- Adding a card to the hand then telling an Administrator it was drawn that turn.
- Drawing an extra card and telling an Administrator you did not.
- Misrepresenting the game state and attempting to convince an Administrator.

5 day ban Perma ban - -
Boosting Using multiple accounts, friends or other resources to gain illegitimate wins or purposely lose in order to raise rank and/or experience:

- Consistently and deliberately losing Duels.
- Knowingly accepting wins from a player consistently and deliberately losing Duels.
» Players are allowed to concede a duel at any point, however when this is done repeatedly in a way that is obviously not playing the game, but rather solely to increase experience illegitimately, it becomes boosting.

Perma ban & stats reset - - -

Unsporting Conduct

Category Description 1st Strike 2nd Strike 3rd Strike 4th Strike
Harassment (Minor) Intentionally badgering another member or Administrator with highly insulting remarks ("noob," "idiot," "you're bad," etc. are not considered highly insulting remarks) and/or frequent use of profane language:

- Calling another member a "dumb b***h", etc.
- Telling another member "f**k you noob", etc.
- Messaging a member after they told you to stop.
» A second offense within 7 days after a warning is an upgradable Game Loss and/or Major punishment.

(no strike)
(no strike)
(no strike)
(no strike)
Harassment (Major)* Intentionally using racist or sexual slurs, displaying extremely offensive, discriminative, harmful or threatening behavior and/or an excessive amount of profane language, including the usage of compound insults with prejudice:

- Using a discriminatory slur with profanity.
- Continuously using profanity towards another member.
- Using a discriminatory slur towards another member with intent.
- Messaging a member after they told you to stop twice in the course of the conversation (there must be a message(s) in between the messages to stop).

2 day ban 4 day ban 7 day ban Perma ban
Harassment (Severe)* Threatening or overly abusive conduct. Involves clear intention to stir up hatred, be hurtful, incite discrimination or violence against a person, their property, or a people:

- Telling another member they want to kill them.
- Posting anywhere repeatedly they want to exterminate a race.
- Using a very large amount of discriminatory language and profanity.
- Threatening another member's family, household, well-being, etc. by saying that they or their property will be personally harmed.

7 day ban Perma ban - -
Unsporting Conduct (Minor) A player intentionally exhibits minor, unsportsmanlike behaviour.

- A player refuses to communicate with the opponent.
- A player attempts to appeal an administrator before that administrator has finishing issuing their decision.
- A player(s) refuse to co-operate and agree to a method of randomisation to resolve a card effect.

Warning (no strike) Warning (no strike) Warning (no strike) Warning (no strike)
Unsporting Conduct (Major) A player intentionally exhibits major, unsportsmanlike behaviour.

- A player exhibits unsporting behaviour to an extent beyond that which can be considered minor.
- A player commits a second Unsporting Conduct (Minor) offence within 7 days.

Game Loss & Warning (no strike) Game Loss & Warning (no strike) Game Loss & Warning (no strike) Game Loss & Warning (no strike)
Call Admin
Button Misuse
Intentionally using the Call Admin Button inappropriately to stall or waste Admins' time:

- Repeatedly calling an Admin and canceling the call instantly.
- Trolling Admins with fake scenarios or questions unrelated to the Call Admin options.
- Calling an admin because you don't want to admit defeat.

3 day ban 7 day ban Perma ban -
Trolling (Major) Majorly trolling other users and/or admins to waste their time:

- Increasing your Life Points to 999999 without a reason.
- Deliberately constructing a deck entirely of cards that are difficult to use on DN just to troll.
- Deliberately constructing a deck solely to draw every Duel in a match until your opponent quits.
- Consistently and obviously acting as if you don't know what you're doing in a way that severely interrupts the flow of the Duel.

3 day ban 5 day ban 7 day ban Perma ban

Communication Systems & Accounts

Category Description 1st Strike 2nd Strike 3rd Strike 4th Strike
Spam (Minor) Frequent repetition of nonsense, use of caps lock, posting links to irrelevant websites, or otherwise unwanted text:

- Posting "I NEED HELP ADMIN" 3 times in public chat.
- Posting nonsensical phrases/sentences without meaning (e.g. akj skef adsls) 3 times.
- Clicking tokens/dice/counters less than 10 times in a manner that interrupts the flow of an ongoing duel.
- Posting links to tournaments frequently in a communication system (This warning never expires. A 2nd such warning is always an upgradable Major punishment).
» A second offense within 7 days after a warning is an upgradable Major punishment.

(no strike)
(no strike)
(no strike)
(no strike)
Spam (Major) Continuous use of a communication system to post unwanted messages in succession without intention to stop:

- Constantly posting "I NEED HELP ADMIN" without intent to stop in public chat.
- Posting links without intent to stop in a communication system.
- Clicking tokens/dice/counters continuously (more than 10 times) in a manner that interrupts the flow of an ongoing duel.
- Ignoring a Spam (Minor) warning given by an Administrator.

1 day ban 3 day ban 7 day ban Perma ban
Spam (Severe) A complete flood of spam or continuous use of a communication system to post disturbing language and/or content without intention to stop:

- Continuously posting "F**K YOU DN" in public chat.
- Continuously posting racial, sexual or hateful messages in a communication system.
- Posting so many lines of spam it clogs up far beyond the visible window.
» The amount of days banned varies proportionally to the amount of spam. Spam in private messages should receive a shorter ban than spam in public chat. Perma bans should only occur in extremely voluminous and profane cases.

3-5 day ban or Perma ban Perma ban - -
Duel Notes
Not obeying Duel Notes rules** by failing to abide by the prompt before hosting a duel in the appropriate section:

- Hosting a Duel with a note that asks a member to PM or otherwise contact them for trades, sales, tournaments, teams, duel password, videos or anything except a custom ruleset of that duel.
- Hosting a Duel to stay on (by the way, this doesn't even work).
- Hosting a Duel with an offensive note.
- Hosting a Duel with a note that advertises a team, tournament, video, binder, academy or other accomplishments, media or groups.
- Hosting a Duel requesting a Skype Duel.
» A duel note offense occurring after 4 strikes will result in a perma ban.

1 day ban 1 day ban 1 day ban 1 day ban
Personal Profile Using your profile to communicate disturbing material or to commit a Harassment (Minor/Major/Severe) offense:

- Including links to illegal or disturbing content in the profile.
- Including profanity or insults directed at another member in the profile.
- Including "Do not duel noob The Detonator he is very bad and stupid" in the profile.
» Head Administrators may upgrade the penalties if necessary.

(no strike)
to remove content
2 day ban 3 day ban Perma ban
Lurking for sexual
Using a communication system to solicit sexual contact or engage in inappropriate sexual discussions:

- Hosting a Duel with the notes "PM me for sex", "Girls only", etc.
- Asking for pictures of anyone from other members.
- Asking for sexual favors in exchange for money or other resources.
- Asking for inappropriate personal information from other members, including contact information, gender or age.
» Requesting to communicate with a user of a specific gender or sexual affiliation will be always treated as lurking.

Perma ban & possible IP ban - - -
Personal Information Disclosing another member’s personal information without their consent:

- Providing a link to another’s members facebook page.
- Revealing the real life identity of another member.

Perma ban & possible IP ban - - -
Objectionable material Posting links to pornographic, harmful or illegal websites:

- Posting the name of a pornographic site.
- Linking to a screamer, violent material, or adult content.

Perma ban & possible IP ban - - -
Registering on Dueling Network with a foul or offensive username:

- Registering with the usernames "Get F**ked", "Sex & D**ks", "Atomic N***ermare", etc.

Perma ban with alert if possible - - -
Using custom avatars or sleeves depicting characters or cards affiliated with Yu-Gi-Oh!:

- Using pictures of Yugi, Blue-Eyes White Dragon, or Mystical Space Typhoon as customs

Perma ban - - -
Lying about being an Administrator or impersonating a current Administrator with malicious intent:

- Registering with the usernames "The Dentinator," "AsherPutter," "TamA 10," etc. AND telling members you are/were an Administrator.
- Telling another member you are/were an Administrator and/or threatening to ban them, etc.

Perma ban & possible IP ban - - -
Hacking Threatening to compromise the security of a user's account or Dueling Network itself:

- Telling another member you will DDOS them, steal their account, etc.
- Threatening to harm the website via DOS/DDOS attacks, etc.

Perma ban & probable IP ban - - -
Wagering Placing a wager or bet on the outcome of any Matches or Games on Dueling Network:

- Placing a bet of money, cards, etc, you will win a duel.
- Challenging players to Money Matches.
- Trying to wager or bet on the outcome of duel played by somebody else.

Perma ban & possible IP ban - IP ban -
Faking Evidence Forging screenshots or other material to misrepresent situations or use as evidence for malicious purposes:

- Forging a screenshot of harassment that never occurred.
- Closing PM's after baiting a member to force a misrepresented situation.

IP ban - - -
Baiting Intentionally directing or encouraging other users to commit an action that violates DN's rules and/or policy:

- Telling another user to host a duel note that says, "PM for tournament".
- Encouraging another user to engage in sexual discussion.

Perma ban & possible IP ban - - -
Exam Cheating/Disclosure Cheating on the Dueling Network Admin Exam or disclosing any non-public information concerning the exam:

- Getting a friend to give you answers to the exam questions.
- Posting the exam questions on YouTube.
- Bypassing restrictions in order to take the same exam more than once.

IP ban - - -
Multiple Accounts*** Having more than one account for malicious purposes:

- Harassing another member with insults on multiple accounts.
- Spamming a communication system (Minor/Major/Severe) on multiple accounts.
- Evading a temporary (non-perma) ban by using another account.

Perma ban of alternate accounts used for evasion (if simultaneous, first account gets temp banned and the rest are directly perma banned for evasion). Each time evasion occurs, current temporary ban length on original account is increased by 2 days without an additional strike.

Please note, new TCG sets of cards on Dueling Network are considered to be TCG legal upon their legality date in the US.
* Threatening someone's well-being or life is a potential legal issue. We reserve the right to pursue legal action if needed.
** Duel Notes rules: No requesting people to PM you for the password, advertising, spam, vulgarity, lurking or age/sex preferences (age/sex preferences will be treated as lurking), or anything that has nothing to do with that duel.
*** IP bans for malicious use of multiple accounts are possible after a warning (the warning should be issued at all times, unless the user is unreachable). Users may be IP banned without warning after they have accumulated 5 simultaneously banned accounts (of any duration). Additionally, users may be IP banned after twice ignoring an evasion warning from an administrator.

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