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Reference Question guys. Think on a monster that is supposed to be a 2500 ATK ace (yk like Stardust, Utopia, Odd-Eyes, Firewall Dragon, etc.). What eff would you give it? Provided it was: Never seen before on such an ace before and it was simple? Just in case this is for a Link Monster.
Mar 20 2017 08:11 PM
  • frenzyhero's Photo
    no other boss monster was so extremely narrow in their application
    you cant have a link boss monster that only works against other links
    that's fucking stupid
    Yesterday, 01:07 PM
  • notcleverusername's Photo
    2 ace monsters are Normals, which is more of a pattern than anything else you can extrapolate :P
    Unless you want to try shoehorning negating attacks and negating destruction effects into the same pattern, I suppose.
    But point is true. Probably better to save that effect for some arbitrary toolbox Link 2 or something.
    Yesterday, 03:32 PM
  • frenzyhero's Photo
    the destruction made sense since it was vs rda, and attacks made sense since numbers could only be destroyed by numbers in the anime
    Yesterday, 07:28 PM

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