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Chain Raccoon

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My attempt at a creative take on my favorite archetype =3




Monsters: 20


Spells: 6


Traps: 14


Side Deck: 15


Extra Deck: 15


This deck is based on control and maximizing each monster drawn. Sadly the Extra Deck is tight as **** because of it. Still, the few times I have used the deck performed rather well. The Fabled Unicore is an amazing card that needs to be run in every Raccoon deck (just tech in a Cerburrel).


Hampster summons Key Mouse or Tantan, Tantan summons Kitten or Cerburrel, Lock Cat is a misprint and is actually a level 4, Balmung is there for either material or  Unicore Reborn, Masked Chameleon summons Ponpoko for a beater or a negater, there are a lot of possible plays. Chain Dog is an attacker and an easily summoned level 4. There is a small loop involved with him and dire wolf, using the effect twice in one turn and leaving one left.


What are your thoughts? Is this actually inconsistent? Are there ways to make it even better? I’m thinking of siding Closed Forest. It is honestly a pain to keep track of ATK values, but it does add to the control.







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Book of Taiyou/Moon for faster plays?



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-1 Keymouse

-1 masked chameleon

-1 hamster

+1 catsith

+2 book of taiyou

(found a bug in YGOPro that show Ancient Forest + Tanuki)


extra deck:

-1 Balmung

+1 Kudabbi

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