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Dark Armed Dragon Summon

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Hey everybody, I am fairly new, and I have a question.

I tried to special summon Dark Armed Dragon while I had 3 DARK monsters in my graveyard, as per the specifications. My opponent claimed it was illegal to do so, because in addition to the 3 DARK monsters, I also had one LIGHT monster in my graveyard. Is this the official ruling, that DAD can only be summoned if I only have 3 monsters in my graveyard, and they are all DARK monsters?

Thanks in advance!



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You only need exactly 3 DARK monsters in grave, other monsters with different Attributes will not be counted toward the summoning condition.
That means you can summon DAD with 3 DARK and 1 LIGHT in grave, or other cases as well.

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You were correct. Your opponent was not. As long as you have 3 DARK Monsters, it does not matter what else is in your graveyard.

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all u need are 3 dark monsters. 4, no. 2, no. 3, yes. 3+any amount of monsters thats not dark attribute, yes.



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DAD needs EXACTLY 3 DARK monster, not 3 or more DARK monster (like The Dark Creator). No matter what card in ur graveyard. As long as u have EXACTLY 3 DARK monster in your grave, u can special summon it FROM HAND.. :)

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Dark Armed Dragon does not care about your graveyard except for the Summoning Part. (And maybe the banishing part)

All it needs are 3 DARKs, nothing else matters.

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Perfect that's what I thought. Thanks everybody!

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