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Dragon Ruler decklist for Jan/2014 (No, they aren't dead!)

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Stardust Radiance D.

Stardust Radiance D.

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I dont even played Ruler, not even while it was tier 1, but now, with that new banlist I think they may be an good deck, not absolute tier 1 like past formats, but an good deck to tier 2 (or not), what you guys think? ruler can still be a good deck?












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even though they might work honestly you cant call it a dragon ruler deck anymore xD for the reason there is only 1 of each .

so its basically just a deck with them in there

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they can still be a good deck, but not Tier 1.. just like da way dey ban Zenmighty and limit Magician in Wind-Up


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you gotta you gotta u gotta play 3 dragon shrine.




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inb4 Sunami King replies to this thread saying his build is better.

In all seriousness I do agree you need 1 more Shrine.

I also don't really like Fog King, but that's just me.

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lava blossom

lava blossom

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Have you tried playing the hieratic version of the deck? For me it works quite well and you might even like it also :D

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inb4 Sunami King replies to this thread saying his build is better.
In all seriousness I do agree you need 1 more Shrine.
I also don't really like Fog King, but that's just me.

Fog King is there I think to assist with the Rank 8 engine of the deck.

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!Come At Me Bro!

!Come At Me Bro!

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Hieratic version is much better imo



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(Luv) Xise

(Luv) Xise

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Take out those upstarts for something better. Also why not run 2 maodens?


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Everybody going on about the hieratic version being the bees knees...

What happened to disaster dragons? They still kinda work. In any case even if you don't like them eclipse wyvern fits quite nicely into this deck for searching out REDMD

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Although they're not tier 1 anymore true they're not dead but like @lava blossom and @!Come At Me Bro! said the Hieratic version is way better! In my opinion and theirs only however. 

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All past tier 1 decks are still playable (bar frog FTK, exchange FTK... etc etc) but not as good as they were before.

I made a Tele-DaD deck, playable but not tier 1 anymore.


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