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Lost Connection

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I don't have the quickest internet in the world, and every time I lose connection in the middle of a duel, I automatically lose it, no matter how my duel was going, which is very frustrating in rated duels. I suggest that whenever you lose connection, the other player receives some compensation, such as rating and exp, but I disagree with giving the other player a loss. If only people who are privileged enough to get faster internet can succeed in winning, then the point of having a game in which everybody has the same chance of winning, even if you can't buy the best cards in the game, is defeated.



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If you can't get good enough internet to play duel networking without lag, sorry but your opponent's deserve free wins for having to deal with a lagging opponent. If your computer can't handle playing the game, you shouldn't be playing the game and interfering with other people's fun. If you have local libraries, you can go there to play, but for the vast majority of users being "privileged enough to get faster internet" means having a spare $10 a month. Get a job and use it to pay for better internet; your parents will be happier and so will you.
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I got disconnected 13 times today. However, I still don't think there should be compensation because no one can ever tell if you're quitting the duel or actually got disconnected. Since we're playing in the rated section, then we should be ready at all times for anything that happens to our points.



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o-o dn is suppose to simulate a real duel so a dc would be like a meteor coming out of the sky and blowing up your body >:3
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No way to tell, My internet sucks and i dont have this problem.... get a better computer/internet provider
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Sometimes I lose my connection.

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