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Harpies of the Mist Valley

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So I made a hybrid of Mist Valley and Harpies, actually this was a pure Harpie deck and I was able to OTK a lot with them because of their swarming abilities. The reason I added some Mist Valley monsters its because sometimes my OTK attempts fail and I need the synchros for power and effects.

Monsters: 20
Battlestorm 2x
Flying Kamakiri #1 2x
Harpie Lady 1 3x
Harpie Queen 3x
Mist Valley Falcon 3x
Mist Valley Soldier 3x
Morphing Jar
Raiza the Storm Monarch 2x

Spells: 12
Dark Hole
Divine Wind of Mist Valley 2x
Elegant Egotist 3x
Harpie's Hunting Ground 2x
Heavy Storm
Monster Reborn
Swallow's Nest 2x

Traps: 4
Fiendish Chain 2x
Hysteric Party
Mirror Force
Solemn Judgment
Solemn Warning 2x
Torrential Tribute

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