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My last day of having no life

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! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! KD

! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! KD

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Im not the best with saying goodbye, but I will put some effort into this post... I've met some amazing people in my years of being here on DNF, and I have had to say goodbye to some of my close friends here. I hate to see myself leave such a lovely place like this, but, I am trying to get my life together. I feel that this place makes my IQ drop significantly and I think thats bad for my health. 


For those of you that don't already know, I am currently going to school to become an astronomer, and being here wont help me with learning anything that would be beneficial for me. (coming from me that is saying something) I hope that one day that I will discover something that could change the way we perceive the universe.  


I would like to take a moment to acknowledge the people that have become my friends, and those that have made my outlook on life more positive...




@ windumupforu




@!            Gianus






I know there are more than this, but these were just the people that I could think of off the top of my head...


Well I think thats about all that I have to say, I hate to say goodbye to all my friends here, but I need to focus more on school and making something good of myself. It was fun while it lasted.


If anyone wants to keep in contact with my while im doing my studies, just pm me and I will give you my info, I will be leaving at the end of the month





With best regards,


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Farewell. You will be missed

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i didn't talk to you much but i saw you in chat sometimes you will be missed.

! Bakeneko

! Bakeneko

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Take care kid, don't die out there you hear?



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No you can't leave! If you do then me and @Overlord_Laharl would just be a duo :o

I have come to enjoy your crazy ways











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Farewell, and take care.
May our paths cross again.

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I feel that this place makes my IQ drop significantly and I think thats bad for my health. 






Gl with school.

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KD I understand ur setting a goal and I respect that. Card Games aren't very helpful but you meet a lot of friends. My next Quasar will be in your honor.




Thanks for the epic Ridley sig Leone!


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Bye KD we have been friends a really long time.. I will miss you bud :(


Msg me you're skype info please! We will stay in touch.


Good luck with you're journey to becoming an astronomer.


Take care of yourself and study and work hard.



Some memories never fade..

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Good luck with life, be sure to check the forums sometimes.

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M. Edgeworth

M. Edgeworth

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That's why you need 2 forums, 1 cancer free, and 1 cancerous, so you can just go to the cancer free one.

Good luck with your endeavors



    Add me on Discord, Its the same

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GL with astronomy and  come back soon





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You were there since my start. See you later my old friend.

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Frodo Swaggins

Frodo Swaggins

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Ill get onto someones farewell soon enough. See you around fam.

I was going to commit suicide but Corey in the house showed me a new light in my life and made me realise that life is worth living

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Admin Banned happy

Admin Banned happy

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PPFFF wouldn't staying here and becoming the king of games mean so much more  :cory: 




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Another one falls. Good luck with your studies. I can guarantee you that you will be remembered




Farewell, and take care.
May our paths cross again.

this is coming from a guy who doesn't care about others. please don't insult them. Farewell person.

yugi's boss 20

yugi's boss 20

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See ya man, i don't think we ever talked but you seem cool.
And when you discover something wonderful up there make sure you give it a cool name. Or else I'll send you to the Shadow Realm.




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