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The Future of Unofficial Tournaments on DNF: What Yu-Gi-Oh! Simulator Do You Use For Dueling?

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Poll: What Yu-Gi-Oh! Simulator do you use for dueling?

What Yu-Gi-Oh! Simulator do you use for dueling?

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The one i used to use to do all my dueling was devpro love how clean the things worked and with a automatic system there is  no chewing and complaining about how a card need to be played or what the effect designates.


However recently my dueling and practice getting back into the game has been done with the yu-gi-oh Legacy of the duelist game on steam and console been getting used to how xyz,synchro,pendulum, Summons work been years since i played a game against anyone in real life.


(last time that was well when synchro's first came out i used my god deck and beat my friend for his new synchro deck he wagered it against mine if he would have won god deck would be his lol glad i won!)



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yO all ! i am about trying nexus but i found a lot of bugs.. but obv it will get better soon, i'd like to test another sim if someone can tell which one is better :)






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I know it may seem impossible, but can we somehow access our deck lists? I can move to the new simulators, but I cannot remember the exact build that I had for my deck I was building :/

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