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Thank you. (DOGE)

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I feel that it is time to move on from this forum.


God such a dreadful start yes ^


Anyways, its been about 6 months since I quit Yugimons itself and I realized that the only reason I ever skimmed or looked at the forums was because of the debt I felt I had towards it. I went through quite a rough patch in my life in which I felt it was over (the usual feeling of being overwhelmed by Independence and debt). The forums gave me something to focus on and work on. Thank you to the mafia team in particular for this. I am not outspoken as most people and try to constantly look forward yet I don't see the warmth or posture I felt here before. It is almost melancholic in nature and always makes me want to go back to feeling downright depressed X_x.

Thank you to @zmandd in particular for helping me organize so much.

I also feel quite grateful to @densetsu no sannin for opting my promotion to a mafia mod, you were the only super mod back then to throw in a maybe Tito can do it and it helped me out so much.

@Skulblaka98 and @benren I appreciate your tutelage when I attempted briefly to be a star admin. The work was daunting but your guidance helped a lot in more ways than one.

I also appreciate @Ayu~ for the chance to have joined MIA, it was fun and I enjoyed it when I could :D


Honestly the users were pretty toxic in DN though  :doge:

But the forums were special and I wish to say goodbye while I maintain a positive image of them in my mind.

I thank you once again for your patronage and those interested in reaching or speaking to me already have my relevant contact info. This is my permanent farewell from DNF and I wish those of you remaining here well.







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Goodbye Tito. I didn't get the chance to communicate with you much but in my eyes you were always a admired staff member. A great mod to the say the very least. Good luck with life. Go get your money up. That's what only matters after all is one's success in the real world. Then everything falls in your lap eventually just be happy and do what you love. 



Some memories never fade..

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Goodbye, from all that I hear you were a credit to the moderating team (you were sliiiightly before my time) and I know you were a credit to the IGA team. Good luck in life

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Bye tito, you were best day 1 Lynch ;-;

Hope you come back from time to time.

votes tito90

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vote: Tito

Clearly he's a Mafia trying to escape from the town know he's been caught.

Rip Scarf-kun. The true hero of Arc-V will be missed.

I've come here to say you're retarded.
Either you're just outright bad at the game, or you're baiting all these people right into your hyper-cringe display of autistic grandstanding.
In any case bravo I guess, you managed to make the stupidest posts I have ever seen in my entire life, ironic or not, and that's saying something.

Juji Kabane

Juji Kabane

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I personally wish I had chance to get to know you.

Take care you shooting star.

This mountain stands tall for all.

So no worries.
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See ya tito.  You were always a fun person to talk to.  I hope everything works out for you.



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We had some fun times, didn't we?

It's so sad that I only saw this farewell now, but I want to let you know that you helped me so much through a lot of things these past couple of years here.

I'll miss ya Tito.

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