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The Emote Sanctuary

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The Emote Sanctuary




Because there can never really be too many emotes.


Its purpose:


The Emote Sanctuary is an imgur album that hosts a large variety of emotes for use in posts. It provides a small convenience to a workaround for using your precious, unsupported emotes. It makes finding the right emote in the right size and quality so much easier.


How to use it:


Simply visit the sanctuary via one of the links at the bottom of this OP, find the emote you'd like to use, copy the emote's web address, and then insert it into your post as an image. This is the workaround for using unsupported emotes. The Emote Sanctuary simply saves you a little time by cutting out googling the emotes from the process. I suggest bookmarking the album for maximum convenience.


Your favorite emotes aren't in the sanctuary? No problem:


Submit an emote to be added to the sanctuary. If it looks fine and isn't too big, I'll probably add it in. I'll be adding in more emotes over time from a variety of sources. Some emotes may even be unique to the sanctuary.


The sanctuary:


Horizontal Layout

Grid Layout

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