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Lost in Illusions

Lost in Illusions

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Due to certain people becoming a moderator, i will be no longer spending my time on this site. I expected more professional moderators but i guess that's to much to ask. 

ikr? i'll also leave cuz @lava blossom became a CM

i cri too



lava blossom

lava blossom

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Goodbye my friend, it was fun talking goats with you and helping you with your decklists.

ikr? i'll also leave cuz @lava blossom became a CM
i cri too

Same, I should leave because he got hired too.

Why So Sirius?







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Yeh... that's enough


Disagreeing with who gets hired for what is fine, and you're probably not alone in that opinion, but you don't get to stand on top of a soapbox and indirectly call people out. It's just not nice, and a lot more hurtful than you think.


I'm putting this thread out of its misery. I'm sorry to see you go but this was the wrong way to post a farewell.

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