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Long, Long time overdue.

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So, As the title says... I personally believe that this has been long overdue... And due to it being long overdue... I may as well make it clear a few things up and talk about a few things that I personlly became closed up about during my time here... So.. I guess.. grab a seat and get comfy.




So. I'll be a bit all over the place as I talk about this... So just bear with me or don't. Either is fine. I've got nothing important to say either way.


Okay. So to start it off... I originally became a part of the forum community in March 2012... Back when I was 15/16.. During that time I felt kind of out of place at first and eventually the community grew on me as I spend endless hours on the forum just browsing before getting the courage up to make a post or two... And I'd keep this pattern up until the chatbox came along for me... This marked when I feel I really became a part of the forum. The chatbox became my home away from home. I would spend endless hours in there instead of just browsing the forum randomly. I once managed to spend 24 hours straight in there... Mostly alone, but yeah... That just goes to show what I did. I eventully became close to a few members of the forum, and i became a known face for a few select people and I felt like i'd found somewhere. My time on the forum was fun up until I ended up meeting someone who constantly bugged me and messaged me... And it just kept going and going... Until eventully I felt completely out of place again. It eventually got sorted and I got back into being me on the forums... A silent person in the chat who'd give the occassional input or "." as I watched the chat go by. Sometimes getting a PM from a friend. And that continued. I had my ups and downs here... Most notably the whole 'death' thing... That was not a pleasent experience..


So. In all my time here, a rather recent thing has hit harder then most and that was when i met someone.. who I liked and thought they liked me... Buuuuut bad things happened and my complete disregard of my diabetes hit me. I went into hospital, practically in a coma for a few months. They spread that I'd died and made a run for it. That's basically it... It did hit me quite hard... But we have to just keep going and ya know... It happens. Sadly, the one thing I always wanted, never happened due to everything happening really. BEtween my ups and downs and complete lack of inactivity. Fun fact. Little Rose's dream was to chat mod. (10/10 Dream. would Dream again.)


Anyway, That's basically a little background information on me and my time on the forums.. Now... Lets get into a little about myself because well... I rarely talk about it and I think it's about time. I have never really been a social person... I kept to myself and a small circle of friends and that was it, never tried to bring attention to myself and just kept out of the way. I put it to the fact I'm one of those British people that just tries to stay on the sidelines... Why get into arguments if you can't start them or support anything. Anyway, onto me... I'm recently turned 20, moved into a house with my partner and a close friend and I don't really have any 'real' world dreams... Other then to enjoy myself as I go through life. I'm fascinated by History... My favourite time period being the 100 years war... I don't know why. My favourite Anime is Angel Beats and I play massive variety of games.


My thoughts on DN and DNF... I really did love my time here and well, I just tried to prolong it as long as I could but in the end I just began feeling like I didn't belong anymore and that it was time to go. I did try to hold on,  but ya know.. Some things just continue to slip no matter how hard you try to hold on to them. I loved my time here... But it's just that time.. DNF introduced me to some amazing people and gave me a love for GFX and many other things...


Now onto 'special' mentions and these are those that are really special to me... I won't bother to tag them, but I'll just name them.


Rel/DW... What can I say about you that you didn't do for me... Not only did you help me with my issues early on with the forum, helping me with that issue... But you slowly became a good friend and someone I trusted to look up to and confide in.... Sadly we drifted apart but hey, Good memories are all people need... And bad ones too...Even if they did ruin things. I'll never regret the day I met you through this place.


Miror... What can I say... Other then we had a strange relationship... It was fun though, all the random converstions that came out of no-where. Also.. A big help in helping me cope with the various problems on here.


ReSTART... We didn't really meet until a little while into DNF... But after being on a team together... It seemed to just come together and we became friends. Joking and laughing with each other. Putting up with my pessimism and all that to make me laugh. The same as Miror really.


Vettel... Now this is a crazy one right? But I remember a LOOOOONG time ago when I'd have random chats with just us in the chatbox. Didn't really speak much though... Well, until the few games of 'Boardgame' where you kept assassinating me.


Fiam... I don't know what to say about you. We always had a strange relationship, but still... you made me smile even when I felt down... So I thank you for that.


Mirasi.... Do I need to say anything other then: Remember TAB... Team Angel Beats.


That's the staff stuff... And well, everyone else. I can't really put my fingers on anyone specific... Mainly because the conversations I had with everyone were always random and sometimes when I was down in the dumps, you'd all come out of no-where and suddenly I was laughing or smiling again.


Now. I know this may be a bit depressing/Uplifting but I felt it was needed that I say how I am/Experiences I've had on DNF and why it's been a hard thing for me to say it's time to leave, but since everything happened. It's just that time... And i've been a bit all over the place. If anyone wants to keep in touch, There are multiple ways of doing so...


Steam: Ayane<3

Skype: RoseDragon29

Discord: Why Diana Why #2963

Xbox: Kite Liberator (Shared account. Woo)

League of Legends: Main: SelvâriaBles (EUW) and Syndra Thighs OP (NA)


I mean.... All in all, DNF became special to me, and everyone that spoke to me or knew me, I'd say you've become pretty memorable to me as a whole... As a slightly larger circle of friends then what I'm used to. Since all the bad stuff, DNF has helped me look forward and keep smiling despite what I'm like and looking on the bad side. I'm not sure if I'll ever come back to check up on the site.. I might, but I really don't know. I know it might be a little depressing for some, but I had to get things off my chest and well... I decided to go through a few things. I hope it can stay alive, but that hope isn't enough for me. It's been 4 years of my life to remember either way. I wish everyone the best and I hope everyone keeps on going... It's been the time of my life so far.



So.. Farewell for now DNF.

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well all I can really say rosedragon take care of yourself and it was nice to have met you in chat even if we didn't talk a lot, if you ever find yourself back here don't ever feel like a stranger and talk with someone


have a good day



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Later Rose. I'll see about adding you on discord whenever I get around to it. Good luck in life.

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Good luck in life Rose, we talked a couple times about games and stuff but well you'll be missed.

Sorry to hear someone spread rumors about you, I know how that feels.

Take care Rose.

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@zepharos I see that cinder pic. nice to see you in the rwby fan zone


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@zepharos I see that cinder pic. nice to see you in the rwby fan zone



i don't think this was the appropriate place to ask Arc V Shun. you can PM me anytime xD.




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Bye Rose, and good luck in life




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I didn't really know you but you sound like a cool awesome person so good luck and bye.



    tfw this site is still sorta alive

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Some people wanted you to gain retired status after your "passing away" in order to fulfill your wish of being CM. People here really cared about you. Shame you couldn't actually be one since your return though. Anyway gl irl.

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Tbh, didn't even think you thought about me anymore


Guess I'll have to find you around the skype web sometime. If I can't well, good luck to you.




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Ah. Remember I'd always push you into the pool? Good times. My only regret was that I didn't try to get you to push me back. Way back when I thought you passed away. I was deeply saddened. Your pretty quiet but overall your a good friend. I remember when STD asked how could we honor her and my answer was you could give her retired status. Honestly I didn't think he would talk about it or attempt doing it. But I'm glad he did and well given that people were upset you came back. I'm not one bit. I'm glad you made it through that and am loving your life Rose. I'll definitely stay in touch with you because I do consider you a old friend on here. I have stream and discord. I'm sorry you felt out of placed. You can always talk to me and I'll listen and give the best advice. There already isn't many other girls on this forum and yeah it sucks. Honestly it would of been excellent that you become a chat moderator. I think you'd do great. Hell I bet you'd still be one and even pass me up in my staff career time. Well good luck to you. Adios my old friend.



Some memories never fade..

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You know, the time about your 'death' really made me uncomfortable. It was the first time a friend 'passed away'. I went and made a mourning thread for you back then. Then after a few months, you showed up in chat, and I was like "someone took rose's account?". I was surprised you were alive after all, and was happy. We had lots of fun times, speaking about your cats, that flamewell deck you would never show me... Infact, if you hadn't taken me into Advent Requiem, I wouldnt have stayed and made teams here. You and the team were a part of my DNF career. It helped me grow, and become a part of the community.


I hope you have a good life, Rose. and get new cats soon ;)


Keep in touch on Skype: mr.gx7

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