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It was and It wasn't

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lol bye. see you later fam

Juji Kabane

Juji Kabane

    consultant and creative director

  • Preferred Name:Dr. Engima
  • Team:Leader: Death Monger
  • Country: Country Flag
  • Location:New York City long island

Not codinick,

Damn it all to hell.

You blow up chat. And we lost a champion,

Please come back. This is my fault. Work had me busy all the time. Please come back.
Abilities: Regeneration, Time Vortex Manipulator.
Race: Time Lord.
Age: 26.
Home World: Gallifrey.
Weapon: Sonic Sword.
Wears: Suit, Tie, Sneakers and gloves all white.




man u think u so relevant thinking he left cus of u out there finally getting a job. wyd man like

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