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Bye. This is the end. For real this time.

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Where do I begin? There is no hope. The only place that kept me here is dead. 


@hazmah you need to get good at mafia. Hope to play with you again someday though so I can kick your ass again.


@Frodo Swaggins better tag me in your farewell boi. One of my best friends here. Along with the idiot above you. Get good at pokemon fam also don't be a Zjun trying to raid discord servers pls.


@ Heatnation1331 @ Heatnation13331 @American 1diot @ KJ-52 @ The Green Arrow @(Harambe) @Skolnation it was a good run. Also I know there are more of you guys but I dont have time to list the ones that no one knows about.


@ Jessica Angel you were a good troll with the heart to do it. You will not be forgotten. Harambe smiles upon you


@densetsu no sannin 1v1 me on Skyrim


@cardgame1 screw you fam and if you say the name I will DDoS your toaster


@JerichoTheUnwise we been through a lot fam. I mean a lot. You are my bestest friend besides one other person who like to wear that ugly cheese shit on his head


@number2 yes I was talking about you. Hopefully soon you will find the lord and turn to the Vikings but until then Vikings > Packers Bradford > Rodgers and Skol > GoPackGo Purple > Green Yellow > Yellow and the list goes on and on and on.


@Dluc3 I'm gonna miss you. I'll see you and Jessica Angel soon. 


and with that I'm out. Bye everyone. If you wanna catch me on discord I'm Roxas#3368 and you can find me here too 

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    /̵͇̿̿/’̿’̿ ̿ At least I went out in a blaze of Glory

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Well good luck with stuff. I'll see you in the chill hut server!



Some memories never fade..

[1:34 AM] CloudParameters: Don't leave me. I get bored without you.


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why u make farewell to dead forum



    「Killer Weeb」

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Bye Jo-

This is what happens when I try to post from my toaster.

Rip Scarf-kun. The true hero of Arc-V will be missed.

I've come here to say you're retarded.
Either you're just outright bad at the game, or you're baiting all these people right into your hyper-cringe display of autistic grandstanding.
In any case bravo I guess, you managed to make the stupidest posts I have ever seen in my entire life, ironic or not, and that's saying something.

densetsu no sannin

densetsu no sannin

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U w0t m8?


I'll whoop your ass in a 1v1. Mods for the win!


See you around on discord heat.

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Still interesting things in this forum.



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Bye. Best of luck to you.

I would love to answer your question Beast Eater.

However, I have been banned from the Cyber Dragon Forum. It doesn't surprise.

They exiled and ridiculed Albert Einstein similarly.


But draw cards is not that good anyway




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Cya dude. 

We already made an anonymous account to replace you




Thanks for the epic Ridley sig Leone!


Amateur Junk 5$, XL Junk 8$



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But I still need to make up for you destroying me that last game. How am I supposed to do that now?


Anyway so long, have fun, and try not to get too full of yourself.  :P

Take my short ruling quiz: https://testmoz.com/237423


Actually Sarisa is Dueling Network's top duelist when it comes to Bujin decks, so I trust her judgment.

I am always willing to play HAT format.  If you are too, message me so we can duel. I also play Smite, Shadowverse, and Hearthstone.




You're bad, but you were cool man. See you around on discord and I'll never finish that card rip


Adios man, continue to suck at mafia and pokemon and be free like harambe. 

"Join DNF Mafia now and make DNF great again!" - haz 2k16

Excuse me what the shit?


"To be able to bust ass for a comrade was nothing. But to help a comrade dig out shit, that would be true love."

- Yi Yun (TMW)





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We're not even close but goodbye even it's just a short while that you came back. I hope you still come back even this forum is pretty much dead now.






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Bye Skolnation. I'll keep in contact on Discord and have to give ya a butthurting on Pokemon showdown.  ;)




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Seen u make soooo ma y of these I am convinced it is a Halloween prank. If not good luck in life

Never forget Lightning Laxus! Dn Admin 2-20-14 until 7-6-14

Interested in a donation code? Tag me in Ragequit stories thread with a ragequit screenshot of me and I might consider it based on how funny it is.






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Seen u make soooo ma y of these I am convinced it is a Halloween prank. If not good luck in life

It's both a trick and a treat.

Juji Kabane

Juji Kabane

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Noooo. Other legend.

There is too hope. Your looking at him ya chicken.

Get back here and fight me like a man. Woo woo wooo.

I hope you come back. You were in your own realm of coolness.

You have my respect.
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