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Even Frodo?

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Frodo Swaggins

Frodo Swaggins

    More Of An Anime Master Then AMD

  • Preferred Name:Frodo
  • Team:[EX] The Exile
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  • Location:Grey Havens

Rip me I'm writing this on mobile.
Around a year ago on the afternoon of October 16th I was in drivers ed attempting to play dueling network on shitty school wifi. The page wouldn't load but I could see the forum option. So I thought fuck it why not right. And through that sign up I've made a lot of new friends and done some things I regret. Looking back at this year a lot of the descisions and jokes I've made were at other people's expense. I went into this forum a kid who had no idea who he is and I'm leaving it a kid who doesn't like who he is. So I'm going to change that. I'm not going to be that fucking idiot that just says "society hates me imma cut myself and cry" because that doesn't change jack shit. I want to change myself so I'm leaving the things that made me who I was.
And on that note here come tags because why the fuck not.

@Beastferu @The ErosionSeeker @friedchicken837 @Kiss The Sky chiken fm was fun guys. Thanks for letting me into the world of advanced shit

@almageddon1 /slay @Kolmo the One Eye

@ SkolNation or whatever alt you are using. Words can't express what a great friend you've been to me. Thank you. You were one of the few people I could actually share my thoughts with. Also ninjask sucks all of the dick

@hazmah another one of my best friends on here. Thanks for listening and giving me love advice. (I don't think it's gonna work out with Alexis)

@zmandd no homo but fuck yea

@noobmer2 goddamn man. Enjoy college. You deserve it.

@zepharos you got me relevelent. Like literally if it wasn't for you I wouldn't have met any mafia or Pokémon people. Thanks.

@NoraDz NORADZZZZ NUTS GOTTTTTEM. I teared up as I wrote that. Either give me a discord or talk to me more on Skype.

@Sanger Zonvolt take good care of SPAM para for me brother.

@ windumupforu I shouldn't have attacked you so hard. Of all the people that I've attacked I regret attacking you the most. I knew that I should have stopped and I should have been harshly punished. It's inexcusable.

@Goku~ stay cool you weeb

@ Foolist 👌🏻(Idk if the emoji will show up so I'll edit it later if it doesn't)


@cardgame1 I never told you this but congrats on staff. You did good kiddo.

@everyone who I've talked to in chat anyone who ever helped me test a meme deck on dn and everyone who just was awesome. Keep being awesome.

My discord is Frodo:3482 Skype is nekrozofbrio and if I know you well enough you can get other shit. Peace

I was going to commit suicide but Corey in the house showed me a new light in my life and made me realise that life is worth living

~ Mion ~: Joey Wheeler makes me visualize a disabled person
~ Mion ~: in a wheelchair
~ Mion ~: Wheeling around

chowclee: "Great beast of the sky, please hear my cry. Transform thyself from orb of light and bring me victory in this fight. Envelop the desert with your glow and cast your rage upon my foe. Unlock your power
KingofKidsCardgame: RA

Hash - 6/1/16 at 10:00 AM

t!rate Frodo's Penis{C}

TatsumakiBOT - 6/1/16 at 10:00 AM

{C}I give Frodo's Penis a 6/10

frodo if i rated u out of 8

  • u would be an 8



    「Killer Weeb」

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I just got on a minute ago and this is what I see. :cry:

Stay in all the Discord chats so that we can still talk.

Rip Scarf-kun. The true hero of Arc-V will be missed.

I've come here to say you're retarded.
Either you're just outright bad at the game, or you're baiting all these people right into your hyper-cringe display of autistic grandstanding.
In any case bravo I guess, you managed to make the stupidest posts I have ever seen in my entire life, ironic or not, and that's saying something.



    Brick Slinger of Ikaruga

  • Preferred Name:Don's fine I guess.
  • Team:[DLLR]'s Welfare Warrior
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  • Location:the yuNg void

See you, dude. Good luck in your endeavors.

I am the sparks of my sword
Steel is my body and electricity is my blood
I have created over a thousand personas
Unknown to Beginnings, Nor known to Ends
Have withstood mixups to create many openings
Yet, those personas will never face anything
So as I pray, Raijin Enbu Works




  • Preferred Name:Photon
  • Team:Sunbird Nation
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  • Location:Altea

Bye Frodo, and good luck in life.




Thanks to NecrosisTheDark for the signatures

Sanger Zonvolt

Sanger Zonvolt

    Anime Master

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Another legend has fallen. Take care man. You may have been a bit trollish at times, but you were definitely a good guy at heart already, so when you've found yourself, make sure to come back so the old vets can see Frodo 2.0. I'll see if I can keep Spam Para from burning to the ground until then.

New to competitive YGO? Check out this thread for details on our tutoring server: http://forum.dueling...erver-now-open/

Arc V Shun

Arc V Shun

    Ruby Rose

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I've recently made a list of special people. These people represent what is still interesting about DNF and if they all leave, I'll have no reason too stay myself. We didn't get along all the time but I still considered you one of those people who kept this place interesting. Good luck with life


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    Master of Esper

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  • Location:Somewhere fun.

Cya Frodo



talk to me on Discord?  your welcome for making you relevant.




Welp. I see you finally tossed that peace of jewelry. Good luck with the elves!

Srsly, where's my tag?
Okay, srsly, srsly, it was great hanging out, man. Trolls look out for each other. And I thank you for not tattling my identity to the headies. It was fun talking, bro. Maybe whenever I see you active on Discord, and we've hung out even more, we can exchange Facebook addresses. Keep living life, bro. And remember: Stay clear of shadows, and keep an eye on statues. May the Force be ever in your favor.


*insert Trash Dove meme here*




    Don't Fk Up My Show

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No mention 0/10 Begone knave

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Feel free to message me with any questions you might have regarding the Forums and anything in General!



    Fluffy kittens and rainbows

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This is either a very subtle insult or idk maybe a compliment


Remember, if you feel edgy, watch Best Anime to calm down.


Don't be too stupid, do the other non-stupid Frodo things.  There's a good number of those.



Have a visit, We're nice folk

I was going to commit suicide but Corey in the house showed me a new light in my life and made me realise that life is worth living

There are a lot of bad cards but in the end nothing is worse than Pot of Desires

It's like poking shit with a stick. That's on fire. And the shit's on fire. And everything is on fire.



    We Are All Evil

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  • Location:Hell

FRODOOOO ;_; rip memelord
No tag doe am I really that irrelevelent :/

I hate a lot of things. If you want to know if I hate something and why i hate it: http://forum.dueling...solopolo-hates/










    Daga Kotowaru!

  • Preferred Name:Rikku
  • Team:#Sunbirdnation
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  • Location:#TogetherwiththeGriff

Bye Frodo, we'll keep in touch via discord

special Bye




#NeverforgetDNFC's50 2 Feb 2k16 http://prntscr.com/9xwhyp


I'm Rikku#8957 on Discord and facebook:app7ico3svc.2qujealvsp. on Skype if anyone wants to add me




    Young and Reckless

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Another legend has fallen. Take care man. You may have been a bit trollish at times, but you were definitely a good guy at heart already, so when you've found yourself, make sure to come back so the old vets can see Frodo 2.0. I'll see if I can keep Spam Para from burning to the ground until then.


Frodo wanted me to tell you because he asked through snapchat to tell y'all:


He cried at this. It touched him dearly.


He also mentioned in our snap convos that he has blocked the forum and deleted discord too. Hopefully if he wants to reach out to y'all, he will.



Ask Me Anything / Thoughts On You thread


Pokemon Y Pokedex: 718/720


National Dex COMPLETE! 



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:doge:  :feelsbad:

charizard.gif tumblr_mv8czdlBfJ1s9glcso1_250.gifleague_of_legends__singed_by_thumbzdown-

Former man know as Timewizard007 

And me on league! Big Williy




    Veteran Member

Frodo.....dude.....trolling or not, you're one of the better members of this forum. I look up to you.

Best of luck in life. You deserve that. Maybe visit once in a while. You memester you.

I would love to answer your question Beast Eater.

However, I have been banned from the Cyber Dragon Forum. It doesn't surprise.

They exiled and ridiculed Albert Einstein similarly.


But draw cards is not that good anyway

{Valkryia} Envoy

{Valkryia} Envoy

    ~Upstart Goblin~

Wow, you were really a key person in this community. Stay safe and talk to you later!










    Elite Member

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Who I am supposed to celebrate my anniversary with now?  :(


Bye Frodo.  Playing mafia with you was fun and I hope you do well wherever else you're going.

Take my short ruling quiz: https://testmoz.com/237423


Actually Sarisa is Dueling Network's top duelist when it comes to Bujin decks, so I trust her judgment.

I am always willing to play HAT format.  If you are too, message me so we can duel. I also play Smite, Shadowverse, and Hearthstone.




Adios my man, you were cool. I'll see your around on snap fam, gl with your shit.

"Join DNF Mafia now and make DNF great again!" - haz 2k16

Excuse me what the shit?


"To be able to bust ass for a comrade was nothing. But to help a comrade dig out shit, that would be true love."

- Yi Yun (TMW)





    Lady Noire's Secretary

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Aw I just came back after 2 weeks and this what will I see some of the first posts... Aw I didn't got mentioned but oh well... It was nice having you in VS even it's just a short time. Thanks for the humor Frodo. You will be absolutely missed! Goodluck in your future endeavors! I hope you will come back soon! I hope to keep touch on you in Discord.




Juji Kabane

Juji Kabane

    consultant and creative director

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  • Team:Leader: Death Monger
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Not Frodo Swaggins.


IT'S lord of the rings ending all over again and I'm crying.

Have a safe and wornderful journey Frodo. I hope you can be all you can be.

Maybe we will meet if fate is just.

I'm off to become a real life Catholic priest.
Abilities: Regeneration, Time Vortex Manipulator.
Race: Time Lord.
Age: 26.
Home World: Gallifrey.
Weapon: Sonic Sword.
Wears: Suit, Tie, Sneakers and gloves all white.

Also tagged with one or more of these keywords: Farewell

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