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Well, this is the end of the line. RIP Dueling Network. This brought me into YGO and now it is gone. I had glorious days on Dueling Network. I once was #1 in singles and match at the same time, and almost did the same thing on the final day of Dueling Network's existence. This war is over and by the looks of it, NAS has won. This is the end. We aren't coming back, sadly.


I'll miss proving people wrong and appealing several administrators, and end up being right.

I'll miss the days of Satellarknights.

I'll miss having an 1800 Match and 1600+ singles rating.

I'll miss using FTKs on people.


Nothing will be the same. DevPro and Salvation simply can't replace.


One day DN will rise from the ashes, and I'll be there. NAS, on the unlikely chance that you're reading this, fuck your company and I hope you lose your license like 4Kids.


We are sitting on a wasteland, slowly being destroyed. If you are on this forum, I suggest leaving. You're likely not gaining much or anything at all. This is our corpse.


This is Hornbeetle (AKA Mystic Hex (Jinx) ) and this is goodbye.

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Bye. I never really knew you but I hope you do well in life

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