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Sarisa Signs Off

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I don't come here much anymore, I don't play yugioh anymore, and this site is slowly dying; so I guess it's time for me to take my leave.  When DN itself got shut down for good I made a farewell in the topic about it as did many others, but sadly I'm unable to find the post again to link here.  I already tagged most of the people I wanted to there, so I see no need to do it again here as they know who they are and why they made my time here so enjoyable.  I want to extend additional thanks to celsius 233 for playing HAT format with me, and to the members of the mafia section for making me feel welcomed there despite being new.  And one last shout out to all the Bujin discussion thread members, as my best memories of this site happened there.  If HAT format gets popular or mafia revives itself I might come back, but otherwise it's time to close this chapter of my life.  Thanks for 2 years of memories, and I hope this site survives against the odds.



So long,



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Actually Sarisa is Dueling Network's top duelist when it comes to Bujin decks, so I trust her judgment.

I am always willing to play HAT format.  If you are too, message me so we can duel. I also play Smite, Shadowverse, and Hearthstone.

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Peace my dude. You already were better at me in mafia. Good luck where life brings you

I was going to commit suicide but Corey in the house showed me a new light in my life and made me realise that life is worth living

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I wish you the best, Sarisa.

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Awww, I like this one.


Best wishes.  


Sincerely, the one-post-a-month guy.

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See ya around buddy. Stay safe out there.




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I think your old farewell would exist somewhere. I can find threads http://forum.dueling...e-to-your-doom/ as old as that, for example.


​Anyways, slower to say it than others, but good-bye there.

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