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Gagaga XYZ deck help

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hey what do you think of my gagaga deck suggest improvments and tips for the deck oh and the side deck needs work




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Looks very solid. In mi opinion I would run 2 tomatoes instead of 3 but that's you choice. You can play a Super Weapon Machu mach in the extra deck. If you pull the Gagaga magician + girl combo and summon machu mach you can inflict TONS of damage even an OTK is really easy.



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-2 Cyber Dragon
-1 Rai-Oh
-3 Upstart Goblin
-3 Dark bribe
+3 Veiler
+2 Duality
+1 Book of Moon
+1 Torrent
+1 Solemn W
+1 Solemn J

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-2 bribe and 1 call add solemn brigade.

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http://imgur.com/GE4Ri thats the new deck nothings changed much except a couple of extra deck cards and ive actually made a proper side deck now and as for the people that said add POD and take out cyber dragons and add solemns well for the POD first hell no i special summon literally every single turn and it gives me a huge disadvantge the fact that my opponent sees the card i get and that i cant special summon. now for the cyber dragon i run 3 because of the fact that you always want to have one in hand to be honest its so good in this deck first turn rank 5 and set my grave ready for other plays such as BLS that is if my opponent negates the summon of my xyz which doesnt normally happen. finally the solemn brigade wow really this deck doesnt need them it gets over everything the only problems this deck has are spells and traps so i prefer dark bribe and also i like dark bribe is such a low cost and is really underestimated and unexpected whereas solemns you just payed half your life to negate that and what if you were playing my deck and i then went into a machu mech or volcasaurus and burned you for game. there was only one guy who understands the way the deck works by the look of it and that was the first comment as for your suggestion 3 is just preference since i really want to get my gagagas out quickly




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I would take out the Heavy Storm and use another Mystical Space Typhoon instead.



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Meaby -1 Upstart Goblin and -1 Gagaga Back for +2 Xyz Reborn ?

Sorry I ment Gagaga Revenge

- 1 Upstart Goblin - 1 GagaRevenge for +2 Xyz Reborn

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