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Chronomaly Deck

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Hello! I'm new to these forums, and consider myself new to this game as well, even though I've probably seen every single episode of anime there is (even ZeXal). What really caught my eye, at the first sight, were the "OOParts" (Out-of-place Artifacts), aka Chronomaly cards. There are only few cards of this Archetype so far, but it's not difficult to see what these cards are good at: swarming, special summoning and XyZ. Without further talk, here's the deck list:


3x Chronomaly Colossal Head

3x Chronomaly Crystal Bone

3x Chronomaly Crystal Skull

3x Chronomaly Golden Jet

3x Chronomaly Moai

2x Earth Armor Ninja/Cyber Dragon

2x Deep Diver

1x Sangan

1x Blackwing - Gale the Whirlwind


1x Monster Reborn

1x Dark Hole

1x Heavy Storm

2x Mystical Space Typhoon

3x Chronomaly - Pyramid Eye Tablet

2x Chronomaly Technology

1x Rock Bombarding Area


2x Stonehenge Method

1x Draining Shield

2x Magic Cylinder

1x Mirror Force

1x Solemn Judgment

1x Torrential Tribute


2x Chronomaly Crystal Xenoform

2x Number 33: Chronomaly Machu Mech

1x Number 6: Chronomaly Atlanto


Other cards that don't play important role in this deck

Did you see anything I could replace with something better? Something that made you facepalm? Something that made you cry blood? No wonder, as I am not very skilled in this game. Even though, I can still tell what works, and what doesn't by experience: The Chronomalys work together very well. It's easy to get XyZ monsters just like that with this deck, until one gets worst hand they possibly can.

Anyway, suggestions?

PS: Also, as I am the kind of person I am, I would very much like to get explanation on feedback I'm given.

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-2 Magic Cylinder
-2 Stonehenge Method
-2 Pyramid eye's tablet
-1 Crystal Xenoform
-3 Collosal Head
-2 Deep Diver
-1 Rock Bombarding Area
+2 Mini-Guts
+3 Tour Guide
+1 Tour Bus
+1 MST
+1 Black Luster Soldier
+1 Caius
+2 Ghost Ship
+2 Compulsory evacuation device

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