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Sacred Star Knights!! - Guide to build and use Sacreds (Constellars)

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I won't go deep into their story and origins, if you want to learn about them, check the Wikia, all I can say is that Messier 7 and Master Dia battle against the Verz and Zealgigas was the reason why Sophia resetted the Duel Terminal World, pretty cool huh?


The Constellars (previously known as Stellars, and before that, as Sacreds) is an archetype focused heavily on Xyz Summoning, they were released in the Duel Terminal - Sacred Star Knights!! in Japan, although they're not TCG yet, but it will happen soon.

They're a group of LIGHT effect monsters based on prominent constellations and star clusters; those monsters are focused entirely on helping you to Xyz Summon in 1 turn, being the monsters that allow you an extra Normal Summon or a Special Summon from the hand the key cards to drop a Xyz Monsters inmediately.

That being said, the monsters by themselves are nearly useless in battle, no monster of the archetype (except for one) has an effect that actually helps them in battle.

Another problem is that they don't have a prominent Type (although Beast-Warrior is quite frequent), so they hardly can take advantage of Type-support cards.

What kind of nature do they have?

If we check their playstyle and effects, it's safe to assume that the Constellars have a TOOLBOX nature, the Xyz Monsters of the archetype have a variety of effects that go between being huge beaters, defenders and disruptors. If you're looking for an archetype that has something to offer in every kind of situation, you're looking at the right archetype.


To get the best out of the Constellars, you should focus on Xyz Summoning, the Xyz Monsters of the archetype are extremely useful, and since only Schet is restricted to Constellar Xyz Monsters, you can use them to summon any kind of Xyz Monster you may need.

However, since everything goes around hand resources, you have to be extremely careful, remember that you will be using two cards (minimum) from your hand to drop a Xyz Monster, and you have to do this quite often considering that, again, they're almost useless besides Xyz Summoning.

Don't overextent with them, or you will run out of cards in hand in no time, and making a comeback in that kind of scenario is almost impossible.


We're going to review all the effect monsters of the archetype, feel free to follow my advices or drop them and build whatever you want, however... I have used them since they arrived to DN, so my knowledge about them is quite deep, you can trust what I can say to you about them. I won't going to list the level, attribute or ATK/DEF of the monsters because you can read them from the card image, however I will list the Type and the Effect Types.

Constellar Kaust

Constellar Schet

Constellar Pollux

Constellar Leonis

Constellar Sheratan

Constellar Hawwa

Constellar Dabaran

Constellar Gredi

Constellar Acubens

Constellar Spica

Constellar Esca

Constellar Rescha

Constellar Antares


As you can see, the Constellar Effect Monsters were designed to help you getting Xyz Monsters on the field quickly, and the whole strength of the Archetype comes from their Xyz Monsters, and one of the most amazing characteristic that some of them have is that they're Quick Effect Monsters. We're going to review those monsters and, again, I will list all the information you can't get from the image of the card.

Constellar Hyades

Constellar Beehive

Constellar Omega

Constellar Pleiades

Constellar Ptolemys Messier 7


Along with the monsters, we have Spell and Trap Cards specifically designed to help Constellars, and we're going to review those cards here.

Constellar Belt

Constellar Meteor

Constellar's Super-Rebirth

Constellar Starsign


Being the cards of the Archetype fully covered, we're going to talk about the cards that are not specifically designed for the Archetype but that helps them a lot. Of course, I'm not going to list cards such as Monster Reborn, Heavy Storm or Dark Hole, because those are pretty much staples on any deck and their usage does not need explanations.


Pot of Avarice

Reinforcement of the Army

Xyz Reborn

Forbidden Lance

Horn of the Phantom Beast


Sometimes people is tempted to suggest cards for certain decks based only on superficial analysis or lack of knowledge about the Archetype and how it works. Sometimes certain cards seems extremely useful for the Archetypes but end up getting in the way and people keep running them because a lot of webpages or people suggested them in a way that makes those cards like staples. Constellars suffer from this, specially because they're relatively new and an overloocked Archetype that not a lot of people know how to use properly.

Double Summon

Ghost Ship/Cyber Dragon

Photon Lead

Xyz Burst



This is the basic skeleton for any kind of Constellar Deck, from here, you can add the staples and any other card that you want and any card that you feel that it can do well here or add more copies of cards I suggest, or mixing them with another Archetype if you feel that it would result into a good mixture, in fact, we're going to discuss about mixing Constellars with the Tour Guide engine to turn the deck into a Chaos Constellars. For now, the skeleton:


3x Constellar Pollux
3x Constellar Kaust
3x Constellar Sheratan
2x Constellar Leonis
2x Constellar Schet
1x Honest


2x Constellar Starsign
1x Constellar Super-Rebirth
2x Forbidden Lance
1x Pot of Avarice
1x Reinforcement of the Army


2x Xyz Reborn

Extra Deck:

1x Constellar Hyades
2x Constellar Pleiades
2x Constellar Omega
1x Constellar Beehive
2x Constellar Ptolemys Messier 7
1x Volcasaurus

As you can notice, for the trap line-up you have two choices: you can run the standard trap line-up or you can run, along with the 2 Xyz Reborns, 3 Royal Decree and let your monsters and spell cards do the rest of the job, it's up to you. If you choose the Royal Decree build, don't drop the Xyz Reborns, although you may end up blocking them, they're extremely useful for the deck, and if you don't have Royal Decree yet, you can pull out nice plays with Xyz Reborn.


If you have an Archetype composed of LIGHT monsters that can Xyz Summon consistently, then a no brainer choice would be mixing them with the Tour Guide engine (3x Tour Guide of the Underworld and 1x Sangan) that can Xyz Summon consistently as well and with Gorz, it makes 5 DARK monsters, enough to run a Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Beginning.

Now, what to run?... Chaos Constellars offers variated options, and having the chance of dropping a Black Luster Soldier out of nowhere is always good news for you and bad news for your opponent, also Tour Guide being an instant Rank 3 Xyz Monster can't be bad, right?

Being that the case, why would someone run a pure Constellar build when we can clearly see that a Chaos Constellar build seems to work that well?, Chaos Constellars have a little problem, you need deck space for those DARK monsters, so it's kind of inevitable that you will end up running less Constellar Monsters to give space for those DARK monsters, and if you cut your Spell/Trap card line-up, you will end up having very little support besides your monsters.

Running less Constellars and/or less Spell/Trap cards to give space to such an splashable engine seems like a good deal, and if you think it is, then you're free to do so... that's why I gave you the skeleton, to do whatever you want with it.

So, you may want to ask again, why I would run a pure Constellar build over a Chaos Constellar build?, the pure Constellar build has two nice advantages over the Chaos Constellar build, one of them is that you can summon Constellar Xyz Monsters more often and more consistently in a pure Constellar build, which gives us the second advantage over the Chaos Constellar build; Xyz Reborn, Constellar Starsign and Constellar Super-Rebirth are much less situational and more devastating, this is very important, specially because Starsign and Super-Rebirth are the cards designed to cover the Archetype main weak point.

Both builds have their pros and cons, it's up to you what do you prefer.


Building a Side-Deck is very important to help your deck gaining advantage over other decks. Constellars don't need a particularly weird Side-Deck card so you will probably will see some quite standard choices.

Thunder King Rai-Oh

Shadow-Imprisoning Mirror

Effect Veiler

Electric Virus

Zombie World

Royal Decree

Maxx "C"

Gozen Match

Dimensional Fissure

With those cards, you cover almost any kind of Deck you may found out there, feel free to add any other Side Deck card you may find useful.


This is the last section, I will give tips to deal with some of the meta and/or popular decks out there with your Constellars, I hope you find this useful.


This is a combo you will run into quite often, they summon Dragonfly, then they equip Hornet and use his effect to destroy one of your card, then they summon Centipede with Dragonfly effect, then they equip Hornet to that Centipede and destroy another of your cards, then they activate Centipede effect to add either a Dragonfly for the next turn or a Gigamantis/Zethkaliber; this combo is ridiculously broken, so your best bet is to stop Dragonfly; that's why Pleiades will be your best friend here if you get the first turn, he can stop Dragonfly from the start and since they rely on Hornet to destroy monsters, the only thing you have to worry about is Dark Hole, with Pleiades you can stop them twice, protect Pleiades with Forbidden Lance or Omega, Xyz Reborn is quite important too since it can lure Hornet equipped to Dragonfly and you can chain Xyz Reborn to it and revive a Pleiades to prevent the opponent from equipping Hornet to Centipede using Pleiades effect to return Centipede. If you're on a match, it's a no brainer here, main all of your Shadow-Imprisoning Mirrors and Maxx "C" and max your Veilers for the second and third duels, if you notice that your opponent uses certain cards to send Hornet to the Graveyard (Foolish Burial, Armageddon Knight, etc), then you may want to consider Dimensional Fissure.


They're hard, a first turn Laggia/Dolkka is something that we, as Constellar duelists, don't want to deal with. Again... Pleiades is your best bet here, since he can be used to respond to Rescue Rabbit summon preventing him from summoning the Evolzars, however if you can't summon Pleiades quickly or get the good traps, this duel can get pretty ugly for you. Your Side Deck will be extremely important here, main your Zombie Worlds, Thunder King Rai-Oh and max the Effect Veilers for the second and third duels, you may want to main Gozen Match also.


If they go first, they will try to kill your hand, and most of the time they have the cards they need in hand to do so, if you don't draw a Veiler in first hand, the duel is pretty much a lost cause, Constellars cannot make a comeback with an empty hand, maybe topping a Super-Rebirth while your opponent has no backrow, but that's almost an impossible scenario. However Wind-Ups are well known for having a bad time during second and third duels of a match, that's because you have access to your Side Deck (and if you lost the first duel, you go first), and that's were you max your Veilers, add the copies of Maxx "C", Thunder King-Rai Oh and maybe Gozen Match, leave the rest of the job to your Xyz Monsters.


Dark World monsters can be hard to deal with, specially if you run into the ones who uses Dragged Down and Mind Crush, Grapha is a solid beastick that never stop coming back. In this duel you will have to rely on your Spell and Trap Cards more than your monsters, returning Gates or Grapha with Pleiades is useless, so your best bet is to destroy Gates as soon as it touchs the field with your Mystical Space Typhoon and use your trap cards to get rid of the Dark World monsters. Be ready to main your copies of Zombie World and Shadow-Imprisoning Mirror and the duel becomes much more easy, even easier if you main a couple of Dimensional Fissures.


This is quite a bad match-up, but well... the goal is clear here, you have to stop the OTK loop or you're dead, again... Pleiades is your best choice here for a first turner, but since they run 3 Eset, 3 Tefnuit and 3 Seal of Convocation, you probably are going to be looped anyway (Pleiades is harder to summon than for Hieratics to loop you), even if you manage to use Pleiades; but Pleiades makes the loop card requirements much more situational, so... if you see them Normal Summoning Eset, use Pleiades inmediately, they may have a Seal of Convocation or Tefnuit, but at least you force your opponent to have more cards than the usual to loop you, and you cannot let your opponent get a monster from Eset effect; now... if you see Tefnuit instead of Eset wait until you see if they summon Su or Nebthet, if they summon Su wait for Atum to use Pleiades, but if they summon Nebthet you will be forced to use Pleiades effect on him since Nebthet will try to destroy Pleiades. Your Trap Cards will be a big factor here, and if you manage to get a rematch, main your copies of Zombie World, Thunder King and Electric Virus. If you run Gredi, this duel can be much more easy, because you can Pollux into Gredi into another Pollux/Gredi or Kaust to summon Shock Master, declare Effect and you blocked the loop completely, and a great portion of the deck since they rely heavily on monster effects.


They're one of the most classic anti-meta decks out there, Necrovalley can be quite a problem since it prevents your monsters from coming back with Hawwa, Xyz Reborn and Super-Rebirth, and they are quite consistent since they run Recruiter to get Gravekeeper monsters and Commandant to get Necrovalley, and the combo Spy+Descendant can be quite a pain to deal with, you will have to rely on Pleiades, Omega and your support cards; if they use the devastating Royal Tribute, you will have huge problems. If you have the chance of summoning Shock Master or Photon Strike Bounzer (High-Level Constellar Monsters), take the chance. Main Shadow-Imprisoning Mirror, Thunder King and max your Veilers for rematchs.


This deck is focused on summoning huge beasticks like no tomorrow, this is another bad match-up for you since none of your monsters will be enough to control all that swarming, and if they open with Future Fusion, things only get worse. What to do, again... Pleiades is one of your best options here, or combine Omega with Torrential Tribute, summoning Beehive can be another interesting choice, if they don't summon Black Luster Soldier, Dark Armed Dragon or Chaos Sorcerer, the rest of the dragons can't run over Beehive (although they can Xyz Summon Bounzer with 2 Lightpulsar). If you're on a match, main your Dimensional Fissures, Thunder Kings and Zombie Worlds, if you run Gredi and you combine those cards with a Shock Ruler, things can get very easy since the reliance of Chaos Dragons in Effect Monsters is even higher than Hieratics.


This is probably the worst match-up for your Constellars, they run a huge ammount of traps that can constantly block you from summoning a Xyz Monster, they have 5 searchers, a painful ammount of beaters in the form of Xyz and Fusion Monsters and an huge ammount of anti-backrow cards (Mystical Space Typhoon, Heavy Storm, Gemini Spark and some of them even run Night Beam) that makes your main traps and that sided Royal Decree useless and, of course, that Super Polymerization that can be used to summon The Shining. I can't help you that much with this one, you have to be extremely smart, Omega can help you on this duel more than ever (using his effect before the opponent summons a monster to block Super Polymerization) and, of course, use Pleiades when you get the chance. Thunder King on side deck is your best friend here, he blocks the searchers and he can negate the Xyz Summon of Excalibur and Blade Armor Ninja, summons that can be prevented with Zombie World, although you still have to deal with Absolute Zero, The Shining and Super Polymerization and, again, the huge ammount of Spell/Trap card destruction cards they run. Yes, no doubt that this will be your most complicated duel.


They swarm the field with monsters, and Synchro some annoying ones like Shi En and the Naturias. However, they're not particularly good at getting rid of your monsters directly, so summoning a Pleiades would be a good choice, just watch for that Enishi and that random Mizuho some people run. Beehive can be another good choice if you have something to protect him since he can run over any monster they can summon. However, they can swarm the field so fast that if you get a bad hand that you may won't be able to make a comeback, they have 3 direct searchers, plus Gateway and United... and a first turn Shi En is never something good to deal with. If you get a rematch, main your copies of Maxx "C", Gozen Match and Thunder King.


This is quite a popular deck, they're doing wonderfully in Japan, so they're not something you can overlook. Machina Gadgets are quite consistent and are pretty good where Constellars are not, which is keeping hand advantage, the Gadgets adds other Gadgets from the deck, and Gearframe and Fortress are a force to recon. Machina Fortress can be annoying to deal with because you either have to kamikaze your monsters to destroy it or you can target it with Pleiades and pay with a card from your hand. And since the Gadgets keep adding fuel to the hand, Machina Fortress can keep returning quite often. If they activate Ultimate Offering and you have nothing to stop it, you will have to deal with the horrible scenario of facing 2 or even 3 Shock Masters. Using Omega+Torrential Tribute combo can pay a big check here, since it prevents Machina Fortress of activating his effects. Main your Thunder Kings and Dimensional Fissures, max your Effect Veilers and your life will be much easier in the second and third duels.


If you take my advices, you shouldn't have more problems dealing with other decks than the ones you will have dealing with the meta ones, if you manage to build a consistent Constellar Deck along with a solid Side Deck, you will have the tools to deal with any deck out there, you just need practice and patience because Constellars are not an easy Archetype to handle.


It took me 8 hours, yes... 8 hours to write this guide!, so the least thing I can espect is for this to be useful for anyone who is interested on running Constellars.

I like Constellars so much, so writing this guide was very entertaining actually, only dueling with Constellars is funnier that writing about them. And if I have beaten all kind of decks with it, even the meta ones, then you can.

If you want more advices or tips about this Archetype, feel free to annoy me on the chat or send me a PM.


Whirlwind (Psychic Gusto)

Sacred Knights (Constellar)

Magic Knights (Prophecy)

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if nothing else, I found this very enjoyable and enlightening to read

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Very nice article all-round, and I'll give it a +1 :P Just one thing - Xyz Material don't count as being on field (they're treated more like counters), so Dimensional Fissure does not cause your Xyz Material to be banished. It's why it's a lot easier to side Fissure into Constellars than Macro Cosmos. And you should probably mention that Ptolemys can recover your hand traps such as Gorz, Veiler and Maxx "C" from your graveyard, as well as fetching your Kaust and Pollux, returning cards like Treeborn Frog back to the opponent's hand to stop them tributing that turn or just generally bouncing your opponent's monsters.



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Uhh... I don't really get the Super Rebirth at 1. It's way too useful it's like Dark Factory for Gemini and Gem-Knights.


Some Pics



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Very good read! Wish I had something like this when I started Constellars, but I learned and this article is a good little thing to help remind players of little things, or to help new players. In other words, +1

Also, I feel Card CarD is worth a mention, I run him at 2 in my deck and he really helps early on




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Nice guide, I'd always wanted to try building Constellars but didn't know where to start. Just a question, how does the deck deal with monsters that have high attacks. The only thing I see that can do something like that is Beehive, but you're not guaranteed to have it out when your opponent swarms you.



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Nice guide, I'd always wanted to try building Constellars but didn't know where to start. Just a question, how does the deck deal with monsters that have high attacks. The only thing I see that can do something like that is Beehive, but you're not guaranteed to have it out when your opponent swarms you.

Coming from my experience that is a reason why Constellar Pleiades is so good. He can send an important piece of the swarm back to their hand and either give you the advantage or keep some points safe. Also, Gorz isn't a bad addition in the deck either (at least personally). Finally, you can always use Star Rebirth and bring something like Volcasaurus up to destroy the biggest monster for damage...or there is Honest, or general traps like Torrential Tribute.




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Nice guide, I'd always wanted to try building Constellars but didn't know where to start. Just a question, how does the deck deal with monsters that have high attacks. The only thing I see that can do something like that is Beehive, but you're not guaranteed to have it out when your opponent swarms you.

Coming from my experience that is a reason why Constellar Pleiades is so good. He can send an important piece of the swarm back to their hand and either give you the advantage or keep some points safe. Also, Gorz isn't a bad addition in the deck either (at least personally). Finally, you can always use Star Rebirth and bring something like Volcasaurus up to destroy the biggest monster for damage...or there is Honest, or general traps like Torrential Tribute.

Thanks for that advice, I think I'm going to try my hand at Constellars now.



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Real thanks for this. It has to be the one of the most helpful Constellar guides out there.



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Real thanks for this. It has to be the one of the most helpful Constellar guides out there.

tell the truth its very outdated but at the time it was a good guide..

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Real thanks for this. It has to be the one of the most helpful Constellar guides out there.




That's the updated one.


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