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help with Daedalus/Atlantean deck

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1x neo-daedalus
2x levia dragon deadalus
1x codarus
3x warrior of atlantis
3x abyss soldier
1x marksman
1x armsman
1x pointman
1x seahorseman
2x diva
2x penguin soldier
2x snowman eater
3x legendary ocean
2x level limit area B
1x monster reborn
2x salvage
1x dark hole
1x big wave small wave
1x book of moon
1x mystical space typhoon
1x solemn judgement
1x torrential
3x gravity bind
2x call haunted

black rose dragon
gaia force earth
scrap dragon
daigusto phoenix



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I feel like you're stuck between two decks. If you're going to use Daedalus, warrior of atlantis and legendary ocean then you should consider removing the atlanteans and focusing more on monsters who can take advantage of legendary ocean like Cyber Shark for example. Whereas if you're going for atlanteans then you should get more cards that take advantage of their effects when they're in the graveyard, cards that can discard them to activate their effects like abyss warrior and genex undine. First things first though no matter which deck you choose I'd remove a couple cards.

-3 gravity bind (won't help against xyz)
-2 level limit area B (same as gravity bind)
-2 snowman eater (alot of other cards that synergize with the deck then this)
-2 penguin soldier
-1 warrior of atlantis

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thanks a lot, i'll follow your advice, i'll remove the atlanteans, and focus more on a Deadalus deck

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