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September 2012 TG Stun

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Eh, I just need some help with this. DW matchup is very difficult.Posted Image
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Dat summon monster set 5... christ

There's always crow/shadow imprisoning to help out against darkworlds.
You may want to consider at least siding some backrow removal in case of sided decrees, because it looks like you have almost no outs to it.



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dat super backrow i personaly run 3 warwolf so i never run out of searchs for t.g.s id atleast side 3 d.d crow and 3 shadow imprisoning and 2 light imprisoning also id run acid in the extra for monsters like stardust you cant get over
virus isnt good anymore due to chaos dragons being droped and most likey wont be used anymore

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You need 2 MST for problem cards (like decree). And moar EM1 (max the Warwolves). That card is pro.

Bring Heavy Storm back TCG!


Many archetypes deserve more support -> http://forum.dueling...ng-2013-update/

My Elemental Spirit archetype (from nwn2) -> http://forum.dueling...ting-archetype/

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