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need help making a good madolche deck

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i need help making a good madolche deck for the next format. this is what i got so far.


2x Madolche Butlerusk
3x Madolche Chouxvalier
3x Madolche Cruffsant
2x Madolche Magileine
2x Madolche Marmamaid
3x Madolche Messengelato
3x Madolche Mewfeuille
3x Madolche Puddingcess


1x Dark Hole
3x Double Summon
1x Heavy storm
2x Madolche Chateau
2x Madolche Ticket
1x Madolche Happy Festa
3x Madolche Tea Break
2x Madolche Waltz
3x Madolches' Manners
1x Torrental Tribute

Extra Deck

3x Queen Madolche Tiaramisu
2x Utopia
2x Gem Knight Pearl
1x Giga Brillieant

idk if this deck list is any goood. can someone help meee please.



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Take out the double summons replace them with bottomles or dark bribe. Also take out all madolche trap cards except for tea break, because they focus on madolche cards in the grave, which they rarely are. Also take out dark hole, because they dint recycle if you destroy them with your effects. Replace the dark hole with a reborn, and personally, i run full force strike to use pudungcess eff



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  • Location:Neudaiz
- 2 Puddingcess
+1 Magileine
+1 Ultimate Offering

+1 Fairy King Albverdich

Some of the changes I'd make



    雪の羽 時の風

  • Preferred Name:Earl
  • Team:[DLLR]'s Visual Novel Maniac
  • Country: Country Flag
  • Location:The Workshop city, Yuidora

-2 puddingcess
-1 marmaid
+1 magi
-1 choux
-1 butler
+2 genex ally birdman
+2 battle fader
+1-2 terraforming
+1 reborn
+1 chateau
-1-2 teabreak
-2 waltz
-3 manners
+2 compulsory/bottomless
+ solemn brigade

-1 utopia
-1 pearl
+1 catastor
+1 BRD
+1 stardust
+1 maestroke
+1 zenmainies
+1 leviair
+1 roach
+1 acid
+1 fairy king
And stuff



Nour is actually amazing at GFX

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