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REDMD Limited? No problem (Sept 2012 Hieratic deck)

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This is my first actual attempt at making a Hieratic deck, so I just used the Destiny Engine with it. This isn't TefnuitDaD because firstly, there is no E-Tele. Secondly, I don't run Dark Armed Dragon. The main thing with this deck is Galaxy Queens Light + Feelings Towards the Future to quickly drop Gustav Max and at times, it can be ridiculous.

It might be more inconsistent than before since REDMD is limited, but the whole point of this deck is to get over the loss of REDMD.

Posted Image

Metal Reflect Slime + Galaxy Queen's Light makes up for the 2 missing REDMD. Rest of the monsters are just the Destiny Engine and standard Hieratics.

Side Deck: Virus and Puppet Plant are self-explanatory, they stop Heroes and DinoRabbit trolling me (Laggia being a Dragon is awesome...) but I don't need 3. Burial is for Malicious, and perhaps to disrupt the opponent's plays (Stops Leviair getting to Rabbit among others). Victoria is just me being extra careful in case Hieratics face me (Since TefnuitDaD is becoming popular with D-Draw and E-Tele at 3) or whatever is left of Chaos Dragons. Feelings Towards The Future, now that card can be really good at times, especially when used with Galaxy Queen's Light. I could potentially summon 2 Gustav in one turn and inflict at least 4000 damage.

Royal Decree is just there. Usually, I would side out the Solemn Brigade for triple Royal Decree if I don't fear whatever my opponent summons, OR I'd side out both MST and Judgment if I don't fear spell/trap cards. Shadow-Imprisoning is also there to stop Dark Worlds, since they were not hit. Again, I would side the Solemn Brigade, or 2 MST+Solemn Judgment.

I run 3 Gustav. I don't think Hieratics used to do that, but I do since I run Galaxy Queen's Light + Feelings Towards The Future to have 2 level 10s out on the field. 3 Atum is obvious. Gaia Dragon is a staple for Hieratics. Tiras is just there if I can make it with GQL. That Inzektor is there if I need to get rid of cards on the field, then I can use that Inzektor as Xyz material for Gaia Dragon. The synchros are just there if I have the chance to make them. The reason I don't run Scrap Dragon or Stardust is that I can use Malicious or Tefnuit to summon themselves and then normal summon Veiler to make Black Rose. I can't make Scrap Dragon without using Reborn on my opponent's tuners and I'd rather use Reborn on things with 2000+ ATK.

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i would take out bribe. but besides that the deck looks interesting

why no startos?

your trap line up is weird
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Without three REDMD this deck wouldn't last more than five turns in the meta game today.
I am looking for the following cards:

-Thunder King x2 (Common) -Solemn Warning x2 (Common) -Dimensional Prison x3 (Common) -Fiendish Chain x2 (Common) -Honest (Common) -Bottomless Trap Hole x2 (Common) -Maestroke (Super Rare) -Utopia (Any) -Photon Papilloperative (Rare) -Forbidden Lance x2 (Common) -Startlight Road x2 (Common) -Stardust Dragon x2 (Super Rare)
Wind-up Zenmaister x2 (Secret Rare)



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Without three REDMD this deck wouldn't last more than five turns in the meta game today.

A < 5 urn duel isn't uncommon these days.



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what is this 3 d draws with only 4 d heros its like a damn 1 for 1 youd obviously special summon the 2nd malacious from the deck leaving you with 2 more d draws to use good luck having a dead hand. might as well add dashers
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Cool idea, but why 2 Wattail? Chain Dissap could hurt the build. Other than that it looks fine but try to keep it 40 cards so -2 bribe.



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-1 Geb
-1 D. Draw
-2 Dark bribe
-2 Metal Reflect slime
-2 Supremacy
+2 Tragoedia
+1 Gorz
+1 Dasher
+2 swing of memmories

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