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hunder deck

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this is my hunder deck on DN

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the deck focuses on swarm the field with the "hunder" monster to xyz summon powerful xyz monsters (summoner monk and phantom of chaos are good cards to quickly swarm the field too), other monster like chaos sorcerer and sangan are helpful to break opponent strategies, also, recycling batteries are good (at my opinion) to recycling hunder monsters and xyz summon again, the rest are cards that every deck have, or the most part, dark bribe is the exception, but this card is good to counter enemy strategy, or negate powerful cards like mirror force.

any comment are welcome


mahuner x 3
pahunder x 3
sishunder x 3
thunder seahorse x 3 (one of th most important card of the deck)
thunder king rai-oh x 3
phantom of chaos x 2
summoner monk x 2
sangan x 1
chaos sorcerer x 1
gorz the emissary of darkness x 1


mystical space typhoon x 3
recycling batteries x 2
book of moon x 1
dark hole x 1
heavy storm x 1
mind control x 1
monster reborn x 1


dark bribe x 3
bottomless trap hole x 2
mirror force x 2
solemn judgment x 1


maestroke the symphony djinn x 3
evighiski merrowgeist x 2
gem-knight pearl x 2
number 39: utopia x 2
constellar omega x 2
gagagigo the awakened x 2
number 91: thunder spark dragon x 1
number c39: utopia ray x 1

I used this deck many times and his ability to swarm and xyz summon is great, and cards like maestroke, utopia and omega are good for protect themselves, merrowgeist prevent's enemy sangan, shining ange, giant rat, and cards like that, pearl and gagagigo for beat monster with high ATK and spark dragon for masive destroy

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I'm not an amazing fan of Chaos in Thunders (so much better than 'hunders') but I have to ask one thing - no BLS?

And the Extra Deck could do with a little rounding out - it's too late for me to go through all the changes, so I'll just link to the screenshot of my Extra.

Posted Image

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-1 sisthunder
+1 BLS
btw, why chaos over regular? imo regular iz betta.



Nour is actually amazing at GFX



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I could've sworn that the card was named "Mathunder" last week.. Did it change or am I just crazy?

Pot of Thunder

Pot of Thunder

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Here's mine, I've had pretty decent success with it. Though I'm going to remove Beckoning Light, as I have not used it once in the 10+ games I've played this deck.

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-1 sishunder (3 is too cloggy)
-1 rai-oh (personally I side him)
+2 Tragoedia (you should be able to maintain decent hand advantage)

-1 Maestroke
+1 Photoknight Paladius (runs over practically every monster except those immune to targeting (obelisk) and you'll get to draw upon destruction)
The extra deck needs some work

Personally I do not like Chaos in Hunders at all. The only darks I run in the main are Gorz and 2 Tragoedia.
I'll just post mine so you can get some ideas you might like. (I wish there were more than 15 extra deck slots :()

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Pot of Thunder

Pot of Thunder

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I've noticed none of the other decks posted run Judgment of Thunder -- It's a great card in a deck where you swarm thunder champs onto the field :P

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-1 sishunder (3 is too much, it isnt used much)
+2/3 wattgiraffe, it is amazingly easy to get to the field and assist in shutting down traps for a swarm in m2, should be in main deck
+1 Photon Lead, again useful for swarming when you need to get a non hunder monster that is light to the field.
+1 Honest, it is a staple in light decks
-1 Raioh, 3 is cloggy and runs too slow (this is my opinion based on my deck)
+1 Messenger of peace - this is optional, but works well for giraffe and the hunders as they all have -1400 atk.

Pot of Thunder

Pot of Thunder

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^ Thanks, I didn't know Photon Lead existed :D

Dropped a Sishunder for it.

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Demonic Psycho

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Seriously though, drop a Gagagigo for a Shock Master...
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thanks for the help guys, I actually mado some changes on my deck, y replaced phantom of chaos for 2 tour guide from the underworld (for rank 3 xyz monster and because there are DARK monsters) y added a black luster soldier too (in replace of 1 rai-oh), for better offensive, I personally like the idea of a hunder xyz deck (because I don't like to play with synchro monsters) I also replace 1 merrowgeist by a photonknight paladius and 1 gagagigo and utopia ray for zenmaines and leviathan dragon

thanks for the help again guys

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I never tried this deck and do not how to play it but i know that
Bribe is awful remove all 3 and replace them with warning and maybe 1 TT
idk about the rest but i dont like summoner monk with 10 spells and all of the spells are important that u dont want to discard.. find a replacement i guess.



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