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Solved  Geargiaccelerator Timing

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'sup, I'm somehow confused by his second effect (when he's sent to graveyard, you can blabla). It might be a dumb question, but anyways: If I use Geargiaccelerator + any Tuner for the Synchro of Karakuri Burei or Bureido, will Geargiaccelerator miss its timing? I'm asking because Burei und Bureido's effects activate right upon their Synchro Summon (SS one Karakuri from your deck).

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Geargiarmor will miss timing because is an optional when effect, meaning it going to grave must be the last thing to happen to trigger its effect. But in a Synchro Summon, the summoning of your Synchro is the last to happen. The Karakuri synchro summon effects have nothing to do with it; it's the act of Synchro Summoning itself that causes Geargiaccelerator to miss timing.



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Thanks man :)

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