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Solved  Phantom of Chaos

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Can you use Phantom of Chaos to copy the effects of monsters whose effects activate when sent to the graveyard (by battle or otherwise), like Grave Squirmer/Sangan? And can you use it to copy those whose effects activate during the End Phase, like Dark Necrofear? And finally, can you use it to copy those whose effects activate when summoned, like Caius or Dark Bug?
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If Phantom of Chaos copies a monster who's effect activates in the graveyard, nothing will happen when he himself gets sent to the graveyard, as his effect only applies on the field. However, if he copied say, Rescue Rabbit, he can Banish himself for the effect, and still resolve properly because Rescue Rabbit's effect activates and resolves on the field.

Remember that effects always resolve in the same place they activate.

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You can copy any effect you want. But effects that activate when summoned won't activate cuz he's already been summoned and effects that activate when sent to the Grave or Banished won't activate because his effect stops applying after he leaves the field
He can only use effects that activate on the field.




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