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Hello members,

Welcome to our new and improved Dueling Network Forums! Our aim by releasing this forum is to provide our members with a more interactive and professional forum experience with many new features. As you already may have discovered, logging into these forums does not require you to create a new account. In fact, you are logging in with your Dueling Network account that you have already registered. Does this mean that dedicated forum members have lost all their post and topic data? We did our best to keep everything you had already contributed to the community in our database but we still need some help from some of our members to return all that data to official accounts. Below I will explain the simple process old members will need to undertake to retrieve topic/post identity as well as their post count.

Retrieving your old Dueling Network Forums account data:

Follow the following simple steps to ensure a smooth transfer of all your account data.
  • Visit and log into the old Dueling Network Forums (now located at: http://duelingnetwork.team-forum.net) and visit your profile by clicking the "profile" tab. Scroll down to the field labelled "DN Name" and ensure it matches your Dueling Network username (the one you now use to log into this Forum).
  • Private message an Administrator of Dueling Network Forums on this Forum (The Detonator, TamA, or Asherpotter) and state your old Dueling Network Forum account name. Do not message more than one site Administrator, it will not speed up this process.
  • If your "DN Name" field on the old forum and Dueling Network Account match, the account link up will be completed by the site Administrator that you have contacted.
Please note:
  • Be sure to save the Private Message you send in case they are not received by the site Administrator that you contact. Some Private Messages may accidentally be overlooked but we will try and be as efficient as possible during this link up process.
  • Old forum account holders have 2 weeks to identify themselves and link their accounts.
  • Failure to link your account within these 2 weeks may result in old forum account deletion. This means It will not be possible to retain any of your post information.

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Welcome to the Dueling Network Forums!

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