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My Fire Fist deck profile

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tna crimson2

tna crimson2


  • Team:[Ela]- there happy people

Through my searching of the New Cosmo blazer pack i came across fire fists made a deck its worked out real nice i have won 2 locals with my deck and i thought u people would like to see it

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I run mostly 3 of each fire fist except for chicken, hawk, raven Swallow, and saint.

Bear is just like a monster version of scrap dragon u send one fire dance You control for one of his monsters. Bear if he inflicts battle damage he can set a flamedance spell from your deck which are very very powerful

Monkey is just like bear except it destroys there spells and traps. Like bear he can set a spell to from your deck instead of damage its if he destroys one by battle

Dragon is pretty much one of the best cards in the deck for its effect if u play a Flamedance card doesn't matter spell or trap u get to set 1 Flamedance trap from your deck on your field

Snake is something that works well with bear and monkey because if u have snake on the field and u use bear or monkey u get to set one trap from your deck on the field.

Out of the Cosmo Blazer pack comes one of my favorite cards Leontarus.
Leontarus is an amazing card it gains 500 attack when it battles anything thats not a normal monster so its really just a free 2k beater if your are playing vs anything other then dino rabbit i play him because he can be combined with the flamedance cards being a beast warrior card probley one of my favorite techs in this deck

Wind-up rabbit i run this card because this deck can really be hurt by dark hole soul taker and cards like that i run wind-up rabbit to avoid them and just abuse the traps it can get a power bonus from the traps because most people never notice that Wind-up rabbit is a beast-warrior.


Standered spells and traps still apply i run Mst, Reborn, hole, and storm but the fun comes with the flame dance spells

There are 2 flamedance spells Tenki and Tensu

Tenki is your standerd Search engine for the deck.

Tensu is a Free extra summon per turn to get free Exceed monsters.


Traps for this deck are pretty good its mostly attack increasing ones for the damage step.

Flamedance tensen is one for example it is like horn of the phatom beast though it doesnt give u a free draw but it can be used during damage step while its face up after that turn all beast-warriors gain 300.

Flamedance Tenken is pretty much like a Safe zone except your monster can be targeted but you cant be targeted during the main phase it is used afterwards its just a 300 attack boost. its used to protect from Dark hole or soul taker

Horn of the phantom beasts is here because u can abuse it with the deck being all beast warriors and can be used during damage step for a free +1 to your hand.

Bottomless is here because of dino/Lswarm rabbit because rabbit is still common in the meta

Torrential Tribute is there because ok u spamm tribute now u screwed because your opponent loses monsters but if u have tenken or rabbit u can protect your monsters and minus your opponent.

Solemn brigade is there because its a must in almost every deck.

Starlight i wish i could find a way to put a second one in like remove judgment for it because u set so much in your backrow that starlight protects from Storm also because u spamm alot road protects from your monsters as well.

Side Deck

Side deck is kind of Normal for almost any deck now i would perfer to place something else for cardcar like fossil dyna or Thunderking but thats still in testing

Extra Deck

Extra deck is normal for an ocg player the two cards that really stands out are terrafang and Fire Fist tiger.

Terrafang which for some reason is not there but acid golem is my mistake is A beast-warrior scrap dragon its takes 2 lv 4s doesn't matter what type but u can pop another beast-warrior,wing beast, or beast to destory one card on your opponents field.

Fire Fist Tiger is just an amazing Xyz when summoned you can set a Firedance spell or trap from your deck and its other effect pretty much negates all effects of non-beast-warriors so that means zenmaines gets not even effect maestroke. Down side only works on the face-up monsters means that if he has something like trag in hand your card effect will not touch it.

  • One of the better archtypes
  • Can spamm Xyzs
  • Easy to play
  • Skill drain doesn't hurt u that much because if u have tenken u can Prevent it from being hurt my skill drain and just wreak
  • Veiler doesn't really hurt this deck at all
  • Maxx C doesn't hurt this deck because u mostly normal and dont special
  • macro screws this deck hard
  • you can mst the search card and u wont get a search
  • Dark worlds outpower this deck with drawing because
  • You dont have big monsters to rally get over monsters like stardust
  • Thunderking hurts this deck

I Really like this archtype and i would like to hear your opinions on it

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