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Gravekeeper's 2013 Revive Deck?

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Lol This is the reason I love GKs so much. The original Yugioh is my favorite, but it just can't stand up to the newer cards. Its outdated. But A number of the newer cards make great additions to a GK-based deck.

Thanks for your feedback, and the luck! From what's been going on, I'll need it. Lol

On a side note, I do have 3 Spies. I botched the list.

Updated Deck list. Added Side deck. I kept running into Six Sams while playing yesterday, so I decided to put 2 gozens in my side deck, hoping to handicap a Six Sam deck.

Also thinking of adding a Sanctuary of the Spellcasters.

I can tell you right now, Gravekeepers is well capable of standing up to today's meta.
Gravekeepers work like an anti meta deck for the format, using its good engine in conjunction with a pile of traps and necrovalley to stop grave control/use.

Here's a sample on how Gravekeepers should actually be built:

Posted Image





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To anyone who thought I was serious on the stardust matter, I WAS ONLY KIDDING! I didn't post an extra deck, and wanted to come back with a unique post on dat admin. :)

Thanks for the feedback, but I'm not looking to just copy someone else's deck. That's all anyone does, and I'm tired of seeing the same builds over and over, even if they do work. It makes this game, that I play for enjoyement, quite boring.

yep, no one wants to copy your build raam



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What about a potential gravekeeper spellbook deck? They get alot of support with these cards and can run over most beaters with power and necrovalley.



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What about a potential gravekeeper spellbook deck? They get alot of support with these cards and can run over most beaters with power and necrovalley.

I think that's an idea to test. I was thinking along the same lines when I kept running into Spellbook decks on DN today.

Gozen Match is a good side. Works extremely well against Gladiator Beasts, since they aren't all one type. Too many people run archetype decks to main it.



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I started playing about the time Pharonic Guardian came out in the US, so GK's have always been a deck of mine. I'm way out of practice and need some heavy revamps, but here's what got me 2nd in a local tourney (lost to chaos/ dragons in a tie breaker)



Gravekeeper's Spy x3

Gravekeeper's Spear Soldier x3

Gravekeeper's Guard x3

Gravekeeper's Assailant x2

Gravekeeper's Commandant x2

Gravekeeper's Recruiter x2

Gravekeeper's Descendant x1

Gravekeeper's Chief x1

Gravekeeper's Visionary x1

Gravekeeper's Priestess x1

Arcane Apprentice x1

Flamvell Magician x1

Dark Armed Dragon x1

Flamvell Guard x1                              Total: 23


Necrovalley x3

Gravekeeper's Stele x2

Mystical Space Typhoon x2

Z-ONE x1

Demise of the Land x1

Dark Hole x1

Magical Dimension x1

Allure of Darkness x1

Mage Power x1                                  Total: 36


Rite of Spirit x2

Sakuretsu Armor x2

Mirror Force x1

Magic Cylinder x1

Widespread Ruin x1

Ceasefire x1

Dust Tornado x1

Torrential Tribute x1

Black Horn of Heaven x1

Malevolent Catastrophe x1               Total: 48



Extra Deck:

Ally of Justice Catastor x1

Stardust Dragon x2

Red Dragon Archfiend x2

Crimson Blader x1

Flamvell Uruquizas x1

Iron Chain Dragon x1

Number 39: Utopia x2

Number 10: Illumiknight x1

Steelswarm Roach x1

Wind-up Zenmaister x1

Alchemic Magician x1


Side Deck:

Gravekeeper's Priestess x1

Gravekeeper's Commandant x1

Gravekeeper's Stele x1

Magical Dimension x1

Mage Power x1

Planet Pathfinder x1

Night's End Sorcerer x1

Marshmallon x1

Hardened Armed Dragon x1 (to use with...)

Obelisk The Tormentor x1

Time Machine x1

The Wicked Avatar x1

Judgement of Anubis x1

Grave of the Super Ancient Organism x1

Starlight Road x1


I'm attempting to work out some tweaks/ procure better cards, but I'm open to suggestion.


Also have a Spellbook variant in the works.

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