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Solved  Champion's Vigilance and xyz monsters.

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Alright, so.

This is a question regarding the ruling on the trap card Champion's Vigilance.

Its requirement is that you control a face up lvl 7 or higher monster, right?

Does that apply if you control an xyz monster, who has a material that happens to be a lvl 7 or higher normal monster?

Xyz concepts still confuse me just a tad, please don't mock my ignorance on the matter.



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Yes, you must have a Lv7+ Normal Monster. And no, it does not apply to the Xyz situation because materials aren't monsters.

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Xyz materials are not considered monsters, and are not considered cards on the field. So no, you cannot use Champion's Vigilance in that case.

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Quotes of epicness!

Most epic quote ever! Thanks TigerLeaf!



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Alright, thank you guys.
I still think it'll be useful in my deck.
A tad less useful than I originally thought, but still useful.

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