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Solved  Evilswarm Ophion and Infestation Pandemic

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Infestation Pandemic: This turn, all face-up "lswarm" monsters you currently control are unaffected by other Spell and Trap Cards.

A few questions:

1. If Evilswarm Ophion is currently protected by the above card. Can it still be targeted by spells/traps?

2. If the above is not true, can Ophion be still be targeted by spell/traps if Infestation Pandemic is chained to the card that is targeting it?

3. (This is the hard one):
A. I use Soul Exchange on ophion while it is protected by pandemic.
B. I know I cannot tribute ophion for a tribute summon, because it cannot be effected by soul exchange. However, would I be able to tribute ophion, as a Cost to activate another card, such as Monster Gate?

I'm curious if this is possible, since costs are usually not considered effects.
(Such as Caam, Serenity of Gusto able to shuffle monsters into the deck even with Necrovalley in play)




1. Yes it can still be targeted, including getting equipped, but it just won't be affected for that turn (and only that turn)

2. Yes, and Infestation will protect him from that spell/trap that's already targetting him

3. Infestation only protects from effects, monsters on which Insfestation is applying can still be used as a cost, and are tributed/sent to grave correctly.

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1. It can still be targeted.

2. It doesn't anything.

3. You can use Soul but it will resolve without effect. Also you can still pay costs of spell/trap cards with him.

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Fantastic, Thank you.

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