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Solved  Fire Kings & Generation Shift.

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Ok so I'm sure the lot of you are familiar with the Fire King cards coming out. So quick discussion because I wanna see what the community thinks of this ruling. For the example I'll be using Fire King Avatar Barong.

Fire King Avatar Barong

If a face-up "Fire King" monster you control is destroyed by a card effect: You can Special Summon this card from your hand. During the next Standby Phase after this card is destroyed by a card effect and sent to the Graveyard: Add 1 "Fire King" card from your Deck to your hand, except "Fire King Avatar Barong".

Generation Shift

Destroy 1 face-up monster you control. Add 1 card from your Deck to your hand with the same name as the destroyed card.

So as I've played it, its been I've done this. Activate Gen Shift, Destroy & Search for a new Barong, Special Summon the Barong added to my hand. Now most people don't dispute this but a few have. 6 exactly. Ok so 5 in a row Admins have ruled that this is the correct way to play this. Reason being that the card destroying the Barong has to resolve and then a Fire King SS effect can activate. At the point of resolution the new Barong is in your hand and requirements are met. I was comfy with that ruling until admin 6. His ruling was this. The searched Barong cannot be SS because it didn't "see the destruction." He said even though it doesn't say "If a face-up "Fire King" monster you control is destroyed by a card effect while this card is in your hand:" Its a implied ruling that the destruction must be seen by the card.

Ok I don't remember ever hearing anything like that before although I stopped playing 7+ years ago(just getting back all confused lol), so I'm appealing to the masses. Not knowing is driving me nuts lol! If anyone can provide an official ruling online it will be much appreciated.



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You can Special Summon the Fire King you added to your hand.

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