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Solved  Stardust Radiance Dragon vs Brotherhood of Fire Fist - Tiger King

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If the effect of "Skill Drain" is applied after the effect of "Stardust Radiance Dragon" is applied, the effect of "Stardust Radiance Dragon" that was already applied is not negated, and the effect that prevents the targeted card from being destroyed once this turn is applied as usual.[4]


Situation 1: My opponent activates Brotherhood of Fire Fist - Tiger King. I chained Stardust Radiance Dragon's effect to Tiger King. Will Stardust Radiance lose its one-time immunity? I'm going for no, using the above rulings.

Situation 2: Similar, but this time I activate Radiance Dragon effect on Tiger King summon (ie before Tiger King got to activate the effect). Again, will Stardust Radiance lose its immunity after Tiger King activate the effect further in the duel?

Thank you in advance.



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No and no

Who the fuck are you people even trying to convince by making completely weightless blanket statements? Like people are actually putting some sort of effort to make good posts giving legitimate reasoning as to why RPS is not, has not, and never will be a balanced way to "randomly" pick who goes first, while you fucking toolbags just post the most irrelevant and pointless shit thinking that you're adding some sort of weight to the discussion.

All you're really contributing to at this point is the massive list of problems that DNF has in terms of post quality. Stop. /rant


Yea.... yea.... Royal Oppression is WEAKER than this card (because I can't control when Oppression leaves the field) and yet Vanity is legal? No..... no bro. Your statement holds no validity.




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The effect has already resolved, so the immunity stays.
There are exceptions though, such as monster card that give only themselves attack boosts, eg. Leviathan Dragon.

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