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Dark Magician Spellbook Deck

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Alright I updated this deck and modded it a bit taking in from the advice i got and here is the updated version of this deck. i am on a 10 duel win streak currently and just 50 points short of getting ranked in singles on DN and i`ve got to say this deck is amazing. i`ve gone ahead and updated the decklist too.

Update part 2: this is wat i`ve modified in order to add tuners and summoner monk. i decided to get rid of high priestess as she is a worse version of endymion who i always choose over her anyways. i`ve also removed a breaker, one of 2 big eyes and magi magi, gaia charger, and something else in order to stardust, scrap, catastor, and black rose.

update 3 i also removed amores completely as summoner monk does his job but better and safer

im about to go test this deck out in rated and get back with updates on plays and how well it works

update 4 testing shows this deck doesn`t have enough presence on the field. replacing a veilor with a breaker and a curtain with magical dimension

update 5. this deck is amazing. very consistent. replaced a prophecy destroyer with fortune of prophecy and a spellbook of secrets with pot of avarice and now, this deck rocks. i would love some more feedback on it tho. could some people test it out and post how it worked for them?

Posted Image

Total Deck Count- 44 cards

Dark magician x2
breaker the magical warrior x2
dark magician girl x1
effect veilor x1
endymion, the master magician x2
fortune of prophecy x1
magician`s valkyria x1
morphing jar x1
Prophecy Destruction x1
skilled dark magician x2
spellbook magician of prophecy x1
prophecy of strength x2
summoner monk x1
Temperance of prophecy x3

card destruction x1
dark magic curtain x1
heavy storm x1
magical dimension x1
monster reborn x1
pot of avarice x1
secret village of the spellcasters x3
spellbook of fate x2
spellbook of life x1
spellbook of power x2
spellbook of secrets x2
spellbook of the master x2
spellbook of wisdom x2

gagaga shield x1
solemn judegment x1

Extra Deck-15:
Ally of Justice Catastor x1
Black Rose Dragon x1
Scrap Dragon x1
Stardust Dragon x1
Alchemic Magician x1
Constellar Ptolemy M7 x1
Empress of Prophecy x1
Gagaga Cowboy X1
Hieratic Sun Dragon Overlord Heliopis x1
Hierophant of Prophecy x1
Kachi Kochi Dragon x1
Magi Magi * Magician Girl x1
Number 11- Big Eye x1
Number 16 Shock Master
Number 39- Utopia

Side Deck:
charioteer of prophecy x1
fortune lady dark x2
fortune of prophecy x1
high priestess of prophecy x1
Sorcierre de fleur x1
Spellbook Magician of Prophecy x1
Diffusion Wave Motion x1
Dark Magic Curtain x1
Pot of Avarice x1
Spellbook Day of Judgement x1
Spellbook of Fate x1
Spellbook of Power x1
Spellbook of the Master x1
Spellbook of Wisdom x1

Deck Theory (Reasoning behind dark magician build and behind certain cards):

this deck is based on using the combined summons engines of a dark magician deck and a generic spellbook deck to get high powered similar level monsters on the field fast. after getting out these high powered monsters, spellbook spell cards will usually provide ways to keep your monsters safe and leave you with several options at all times. using the combo of spellbook of secrets to get a spellbook of the master to your hand just to be followed up by summoning and of course activating the effect of Temperance of Prophecy will let you get access to Endymion, Destoyer, DMG, and Dark Magician right away. then you can use that spellbook of the master to copy the effect of book of secrets. from here you could get a spellbook of wisdom or fate based on your hand.

if you already had a spellbook of wisdom in your hand getting spellbook of fate is a way to cover many options at once. lets assume you used temperance to summon endymion. you could set spellbook of wisdom and fate and then during your opponents next turn you can manipulate how many spellbooks are in your grave by deciding whether or not you need to have 3 spellbooks in your graveyard and popping your wisdom early. wisdom also stops things like mind control and dark hole. then with it in your grave yard you can use fate to banish the next major monster they summon.
or if they didn`t summon and just set a spell or trap you could return to their hand during their endphase with spellbook of fate making your next turn safe from that card.

once you have multiple level 6 and 7 monsters on the field u can xyz Number 11- Big Eye and Magi Magi * Magician girl.

Reasoning Behind Card Destruction and Morphing Jar:

These cards serve multiple functions in this deck. this deck is 44 cards and you have high level monsters in this deck. lets face it you won`t always get a perfect hand. these 2 cards can help you get a good hand if the hand you have is bunk. the action of massing your cards into the grave yard however support several key functions in this deck.

first off, these both let you see what your opponent had in their hand which lets u strategize against them.

second, cards like spellbook of fate, spellbook of the master, Strength Prophecy, all of these cards need spellbooks in the graveyard to be used effectively. card destruction and morphing jar can help you get cards you need in the graveyard quick and give you cards in your hand to replace them with.

third, these cards directly synergize and combo with Prophecy destroyer. if you have 3 spellbook spells in your hand, prophecy destoyer, and either morphing jar or card destruction, u can get out a 2500 atk monster and draw cards. this helps you get out level 6 monsters for your Magi Magi * Magician Girl and Constellar Ptolemy M7.

fourth, if anything card destruction can be discarded for endymion.

Reaosoning Behind Dark Magic Curtain:

you really shouldn`t worry about spending half your lp to get out a Dark Magician, this deck usually makes it worth it if you play your spellbooks right. plus it`s a quick way to get out a bulky wizard and then play secret village of the spellcasters. if you happen to have solemn judgement or one of your multiple spellbook of wisdom cards, you can protect him well enough. if you don`t want to run 2, switch one out with diffusion wave motion or another spellbook.

Reason as to why diffusion wave motion is in side deck or is swapped with a dark magic curtain:

diffusion wave motion has natural synergy with this deck`s summon engine and spellbook of power. however it is only worth running against decks that leave a bunch of monsters on the field after a turn so running in side deck is usually safer. anyways when combined with a lvl 7 magician that is powered up by a spellbook of power, diffusion wave motion can not only clear a field of up to 5 possible monsters (since the lowest atk spellcaster powered up by a spellbook of power will have 3500atk+) for each monster you destroy you will be able to add an extra spellbook spell card from your deck to hand making it a possible break even or even a +3.

Dark Magician Girl:

Easy to summon level 6 spellcaster. gets a boost from dark magician. can be used for Magi Magi * Magician Girl. is hot. can be side decked with high priestess of prophecy if you don`t want to much dark magician theme. however high priestess is a 7 star so you will only be left with 2 consistent level 6 monsters in your deck. of course Strength Prophecy helps mitigate that.

Generic Summon Engine Information:

Skilled Dark Magician- Since spellbook cards usually require multiple spell plays, skilled dark usually can get the necessary amount of spell counters in one turn to summon dark magician.

Temperance of Prophecy- play spellbook of secrets. get spellbook of wisdom. summon him, use his effect. keep your new bulky monster safe with spellbook of wisdom.

Dark Magic Curtain- Get a dark magician fast. nuff said.

Prophet Destroyer- get him to the graveyard, use some books, bring him out for the action, or to use as xyz material.

summoner monk- gets lvl 4 and lower casters out fast. if you play a spellbook, then use him to get temperance, u can then use temperance to get a powerful monster. can also get effect veilor to synchro with. can also get a lvl 4 and xyz.

Prophecy of Strength- you can control the lvl of all your monsters, including herself, and give whatever you chose a permanent buff. this alows you to bulk her up and use her as xyz material. when u first power her up, if you use a spellbook of power she has 3000 atk, and with that you can get a spellbook of secrets and go from there. after you've broke even thx to spellbook of power's search eff, use her to xyz the next turn or bulk her up and wait a 3rd turn to use her for big eye.

Secret Village of The Spellcasters:

This card is absolutely essential in this deck. it is made up of entirely spellcaster type monsters (bar morphing jar) and the chances of playing against a non spellcaster deck are pretty high as they remain unpoppular even tho they are tier 1 now. this card can squash entire deck strategies just by playing it on the first turn (this tells all of those quick draw otk decks no, it also stops things like six samurai spells, dark worlds, i mean hell any deck that relies heavily on key spells and doesn`t run spellcaster types. this card is too good and if you happen to have one in play and one in your hand fret not, that`s a spell you can discard for Endymion.

Side Deck Reasoning:

if the dark magician based variant isn`t working for you, then u can switch out the dark magician them stuff for pure spellbook theme. but tbh i believe the dark magician variant is better for massing and summoning. depends on your goal in the match really.


alright with the updates ive made to this deck a few more strategies are now accessible to this deck. first off i`ve replace one of my 3 breakers with a gagaga magician. due to how easy it is to get out higher level magicians in this deck, he makes getting out big eye or magi magi girl freeeee.

Strength becomes an absolute monster if your opponent has weak monsters to prey on. by looping her effect with spellbook of secrets and spellbook of power she is already usually solid in general. with a gagaga shield you just made an unstoppable nightmare. if you have out a secret village of the spellcasters out after that well your opponent is in hell. then to make things worse you will usually have a spellbook of wisdom or fate to back her up so the gates are closed.

also a nice lockdown suggested by one of the people who was kind enough to respond to my deck advice request suggested this little number. magician`s valk with gagaga shield is a nice mini lockdown. add secret village and it becomes a very impressive lockdown.


this needs to be in every spellcaster deck. it`s just too good. this card can make anything a wall and a solid one too. hell u can use it to keep heavy hitters safe from mirror force and such. or perhaps to keep your only spellcaster on the field when u have village out. this card has great synergy with strength of prophecy as well

one thing tho. i will not be removing solemn judgement for any other trap. being able to tell one thing NO is too important to be worried about half lp (if you are a good duelist your use of solemn judgement will reflect whether or not you CAN run it). it can be the turning point of the entire duel. i can`t tell you how many times i`ve made the hard read with solemn judgement and bided my time and then took out their Shooting Quasar Dragon or BLS-Envoy of the beginning etc. or stopping the six samurai engine cards. it`s too important of a card to not run

My Boys, The Breaker Brothers

Breaker the magical warrior is an amazing card in general, he benefits nearly any deck, albeit he's an old school mage indeed, this magical warrior is always gonna be on the good staple card list, especially with all of the good level 4 xyz cards and level 5 and up synchros. so running 2 of this card actually serves multiple purposes in this deck.

Breaker without his counter still has 2600 atk with spellbook of power. this means you can summon him and clear away an opponent's trap card, power breaker up, and most likely kill their monster (unless you get malloned or reaper'd lol). then get a spellbook of secrets and then spellbook of fate. fate will have 2 cards minimum to work with so u can switch an attacking monster to face down def mode and save breaker to xyz, synchro, sacrifice, or power up again if heart of the cards gives u another spellbook of power. i you happen to get out summoner monk, u could proceed to get a strength from your deck, power up breaker, than xyz with summoner monk and strength leaving u with a minimum 2100 atk breaker and maybe like utopia or something.

Temperance of Prophecy Gagaga combo

It doesn't really matter wat order you draw these guys. you just need any combination of summoner monk, gagaga magician, and temperance of prophecy in your hand.

here's an example playout. in my hand i have any spellbook spellcard (bar fate) and any other spellcard, summoner monk, and gagaga magician. i can summon monk, use the spellbook on him, then get temperance. use temperance's effect to get anything good, lets say fortune of prophecy. if you had a secret village, gagaga shield, spellbook of wisdom, spellbook of fate, or spellbook of wisdom in hand (basically half your deck will keep him safe), you will be able to keep him around long enough to use him and gagaga magician and get out Hieratic Sun Dragon Overlord Heliopis.

note. all plays are hella buffed when you have out secret village. always keep it safe as long as necessary and possible.

i will list more plays as i make them lol.

any other questions people may have just ask in the thread.

All good natured suggestions are welcome. always lookin to improve my deck

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You're doing it all wrong
-1/2 DM
-3 Dark Magic Curtain
-Card Destruction
-Morphing Jar
-2 Skilled Dark
-Spellbook Magician
-2 Strength
-3 Secret Village
-Solemn Jadge

+Spellbook Jadge
+Justice of Prophecy
+Other Spellbook/Prophecy Hybrid cards




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i think 3 DM are really too much. there is really no need to. if u like 'em as much as i like my blue-eyes than put 2 in. and really -> NO 3 DARK MAGIC CURTAINS. u have to pay HALF your life points for a dark magician. with 3 in your deck u will probably pay about 3000-4000 lp for the first. i'd recommend playing only 1 IF u play 2 dark magician. with pot of avarice u can draw 2 cards and summon your destroyed dark magician from deck again (rather a late game combo though)
paying half might seem like nothing. but it kills games. as soon as u use that u basicly play only with max of 4000 lp. a wrong played solemn judgment can kill u. curtain is even worse...
since we're at solemn judgment. as it seems u play some kind of spell lockdown. so go for warning instead of judgment. just my opinion ^^
i'd play 2 dark magicians and maybe play 1 the dark - hex sealed fusion for dark flare knight? even dark paladin would be possible (though u would need poly here... maybe side against fusion gate players?)
if u don'T want fusions, how about gagaga magician for easy xyz? one wouldn't really hurt ^^

maybe consider cards like magician's circle -> easy dark magician girl or maybe gagaga magician if u need?
and put some forbidden lance or gagaga shield in to protect ur monsters (maybe 2 each?) forget that. 2 each are too much ^^ but try 1 of each to see what works better for u
btw. gagaga shield + magician's valkyria = is a nice mini lock
gagaga shield + magician's valkyria + secret village = rather awesome lock ^^

hope that helps

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-1 Dark magician
-1 amores of prophecy
+2 spellbook judgment
-1 breaker the magical warrior
+1 monster reborn
-2 endymion, the master magician
+2 justice of prophecy
-1 morphing jar
+1 fool of prophecy
-1 Prophecy Destruction
+1 magical exemplar
-2 skilled dark magician
+2 spellbook magician of prophecy
-1 prophecy of strength
+1 heavy storm
-2 dark magic curtain x3
+2 Sage's stone
-3 secret village of the spellcasters
+2 Spellbook Tower
+1 Dark magic attack
+1 Solemn Warning

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thx for the advice everyone. i agree i wasn`t too keen on running 3 dark magicians but i figured wat the hell. and so far tbh it`s been working out decent. but i guess for deck size and consistency sake i could just take out a dark magic curtain and a dark magician. however to the person who mentioned fusions i don`t believe in the viability of any dark magician fusions. it is better to just run powerful xyz cards like big eye

also im kind of an old gen so a lot of the cards i came across are cards i found out about just through trial and searching ill be looking into those gagaga cards, haven`t seen them before.

gonna lab this a bit more and come back with an updated and more consistent dark magician spellbook deck list. thank you to the 3 people who posted advice in here, your guys advice won`t go unheard

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I'm not any good with spellbooks, but I'd say take out solemn and throw a treacherous trap hole in.



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Dark Paladin only for E-Hero Prisma's sake.. so u can dump Dark Magician with Prisma> revive it with Swing of Memmories or Daigusto Emeral..

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updated with results and current build. additional thoughts are absolutely welcome


got ninja`d. will look at new advice posts in a bit. gotta shower lol

one thing tho. i will not be removing solemn judgement for any other trap. being able to tell one thing NO is too important to be worried about half lp (if you are a good duelist your use of solemn judgement will reflect whether or not you CAN run it). it can be the turning point of the entire duel. i can`t tell you how many times i`ve made the hard read with solemn judgement and bided my time and then took out their Shooting Quasar Dragon or BLS-Envoy of the beginning etc. or stopping the six samurai engine cards. it`s too important of a card to not run

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Dark Paladin only for E-Hero Prisma's sake.. so u can dump Dark Magician with Prisma> revive it with Swing of Memmories or Daigusto Emeral..

just why didn't i think about it? ^^
put 2 summoner monk and prismas in the deck. with so many spellcards it should be easy to use and it's an instant dark magician for the cost of monk + any spellcard. really easy rank 4 xyz. if u put some level 4 tuner in u can even go for easy level 8 synchros ^^ and daigusto emeral is a mini pot of avarice too...

and if u go for this play -> valkyria and prisma are both light. maybe chaos sorcerer? (+ effect veiler for more light spellcasters and a lvl 1 tuner?)


that should give an idea of what i'm thinking. have fun ;)

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i can see the the point of summoner monks and veiler + maybe more tuners but in my opinion it`s not worth running prisma who has 0 synergy with spellbooks. i don`t need xyz`s like emeral and such because spellbooks already work together to recycle each other. paladin is a gimmick. i would rather just run cards like breaker and strength prophecy who provide both lockdown and field control and skilled dark magician and gagaga for monsters who can be buffed by spellbooks and then used to summon more powerful monsters after serving their intended purpose. the dark magician fusions are just simply outclassed by Secret Village of the Spellcasters along with all of the possible xyz and synchro monsters as well as just how effective the spellbook engine is in general.

im definitely going to look into monks and some tuners tho. there are some synchro`s i should be running i think.

any advice on which synchro`s and tuners i could put in this deck (tuners preferably spellcaster type? i don`t really use synchro`s to often and thus it`s unfamiliar territory)

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only spellcaster synchro that could really work here is arcanite magician. + crusader of endymion to boost him/his effect... but i really don't see a point running him. and the only spellcaster tuner i'd recommend is veiler. or flamvell magician for the monk combo... but than again, that's only good for lvl 8 synchros...

use veiler.
veiler + dark magician girl = black rose dragon
veiler + lvl 4 = catastor
veiler + dark magician = scrap/stardust or any other lvl 8
with him u have by far the best options for synchro and an effect negate if u should need it. btw. u have only 3 secret villages in here (no terra and such) so u would want ur field spell to stay on field as long as possible. that means protecting ur spellcasters (so he can't mst/heavy) but also negating things like black rose and srap dragon.

u could put some t.g. monster in, but i don't think that's what u want to build here, right?

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im not familiar with the tg archtype but no wat were getting at right now sounds fine. i could run 2 veiler`s and that would indeed give me awesome synchro options like you said. veiler is also good for getting out dark end dragon with prophecy destroyer and DMG. plus with the synchro`s you mentioned i could establish massive field control. with a spellcaster village out being protected by a strong caster and stardust dragon. that seems very dominant along with other seemingly essential synchros like catastor. im gonna edit this a bit more and test it out

updated OP and deck list. about to go test in rated and post results. will hopefully be ranked by the end of this test

edit: currently posted build not working. going to adjust it some more

current build is doing very well. it would be great if some others could try it out and give me feed back. it provides very strong field presence and usually allows coverage of your spell casters.

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