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Solved  rivalry of warlords vs infestation pandemic

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what happend when the other player chain infestation pandemic vs rivalry of warlords???
he already control 2 lswarm with diferent type.
One admin explain to me rivalry afects players not monster.
Can u post some links to understand and learn this rulling???



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Infestation will not protect the monster from Warlords, if the opponent chooses the monster unaffected by pandemic, the other monster (affected by pandemic) will still go to the graveyard.

See: http://www.pojo.biz/...d.php?t=1046596

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rivalry of warlords does not affect monsters directly, it affects what you as a player are allowed to place on the board. ergo, pandemic will not protect evilswarm monsters from rivalry.
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One admin explain to me rivalry afects players not monster.

It is exactly this. Infestation affects/protects monsters, where Rivalry affects the player's ability to control more than one type of monsters on the field. Infestation protects the monsters (the pieces of paper in the player's hands) where Rivalry affects the guy who is holding the cards.

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