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Another Lightsworn Deck

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So, I've really been getting into Lightsworn decks, and this is the one I've been running. It's served me very well, but maybe you guys have some suggestions to improve it? Thanks!
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the end of chaos

the end of chaos

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don't use gragonith. dont use lightsworn saber.

wheres charge of the light brigade?

add 3rd judgment d and 3rd ryko.

3 jain is a bit excessive, maybe 1 will do

and try gorz as well

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Ouch! No offense. Take out the following (Guardian of Order, Celestia, LS Dragons, LS Garoth x2, Breaker, The card after breaker, the field spells, the mender, reincarnation. the ls sword spell, take out 1 jain. Add (Ryko x1, JD x1, Charge) Make an extra deck. I would have listed the changes for you but the Enter doesn't work on the reply thing :o?
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1. Only use 40 cards
2. Use a 15 card extra deck



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Can I suggest you a simple Lightsworn deck? Just try it, and it'll help you re-build yours.

1x Black Luster Soldier
2x Card Trooper
1x Celestia
1x Ehren
2x Garoth
1x Gorz
1x Honest
2x Jain
3x Judgment Dragon
3x Lumina
2x Lyla
2x Necro Gardna
2x Phantom of Chaos
2x Ryko
2x Wulf

If you want it more chaos oriented: Caius, Tragoedia, Plaguespread Zombie, Tour Guides, Tour Bus & Night Assailant, Breaker the Magical Warrior...

1x Charge of the Light Brigade
1x Dark Hole
1x Foolish Burial
1x Heavy Storm
1x Monster Reborn
2x Monster Reincarnation
1x Pot of Avarice
3x Solar Recharge

Side the MSTs. The deck's engine is milling, most of the times you'll send them to grave and they won't help you, and you already have Lylas, Rykos and Judgment Dragons to help you clean backrows. If you use Veiler, Plaguespread or other tuners, Mind Control is not bad (or even for lvl3 or 4 Monsters to XYZ Summon), and if you have more dark monsters, Allure of Darkness is also good.

2x Threatening Roar

Beckoning Light is not bad, if you read the game and know when to use it. Torrentials are also good, Treacherous Trap Hole... But remember, your deck mills so much, running more than 2~3 traps is not so wise.

For the extra deck, use XYZ Monsters, rank 3 and 4. The common ones, Leviair, Leviathan, Zenmaines, Temtempo, Utopia, Maestroke, Blackship of Corn, Papilloperative, Paladynamo, and so on. Not so hard to do.

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