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Jowgen/Magical Lock

magical jowgen lock

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I will share you that i created magical/jowgen lockdown. Jowgen disables the whole special summons. Secret village disables spells cards of your oppenent. For making safe your jowgen you will need safe zone. But current metas could easy beat this lock. So the new archtype book of spells and magicals will help it.

For example theres a magical exemplar in your field. Use grim book of spell to search necro book. Use necro book for temper using temper's effect for summoning 2 delgs and xyz them to Photon Streak Bounzer or Magi Magi Magical Girl. Finally you use effect of exemplar to summon Jowgen and safe zone it.

Jowgen x2
Magical Exemplar x3
Magical Calligrapher Batel x2
Magical Summoner Temperx3
Magical Archer Lamour x2
Breaker The Magical Warrior x2
Magical Swordsman Shariox1
Delg x3
Summoner Monk x2
Effect Veiler x2

Grim Book of Spellx3
Necro Book of Spellx3
Hygro Book of Spellx2
Pot of Avaricex1
Dark Holex1
Secret Village of Spellcastersx3

3xSafe Zone

2xMagi Magi Magician Girl
2xPhoton Streak Bounzer
1xStellar Ptolemys Messier 7
1x Inzektor Exa Bettle
2xArcanite Magician
1xBlack Rose Dragon
1xScrap Archfiend
1xScrap Dragon
1xAlly the Justice Catastor

I still working on this deck so any advice would help a lot.
Thanks :huh:



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U seriously? Lol that deck is so broken and troll deck
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Lol nice original deck :P

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No more replies? uh duh? >.>



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how suppose you summon 2 delg? since after the temper effect "You cannot Special Summon other Level 5 or higher monsters the turn you activate this effect." [I hate this sentence],

Even though you Special summon Delg from grave you cannot use Temper effect to special summon another.

I love Using Secret Village hahaha,

For Jowgen, Give him all the boost you can give, Gagaga Shield, Unite we Stand, Mage Power,

Owh yeah I'm also trying to build this deck, Its Junon base build



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Eh. I was hoping for an anti-meta TCG build. You know, Kycoo, Breaker, Crusader, Defender, and guys like Thunder King besides. Removal and control, and you should be fine. As it is, I'm not entirely sure how the new Magical and Book of Spell archetype(s?) run.

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