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Cyber Dragon Deck 2013

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This deck is purely for fun with my group of friends i dont plan to use this is tournaments.


x3 Cyber Dragon
x3 Cyber Dragon Zwei
x3 Proto-Cyber Dragon
x3 Cyber Valley
x3 Cyber Larva
x2 Cyber Phoenix
x1 Cyber Eltanin
x1 Honest
x1 The Light-Hex-Sealed Fusion

monster total: 20


x2 Power Bond
x1 Overload Fusion
x1 Limiter Removal
x1 Dark Hole
x1 Heav Storm
x1 Monster Reborn
x2 Machine Duplication
x2 Pot of Duality
x1 Mystical Space typhoon
x2 Forbidden Lance


x1 Mirror Force
x1 Magic Cylinder
x1 Call of the Haunted
x1 Negate Attack
x1 Torrential Tribute
x1 DNA Surgery

Extra Deck:

x1 Cyber End Dragon
x2 Cyber Twin Dragon
x1 Chimeratech Over Dragon
x2 Chimeratech Fortress Dragon

What im really looking for is magic and trap card refinment as im pretty much settled on my monsters. Any suggestions welcome. :)

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needs more xyz



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i though about using some xyz i even tried some but it just ruined the flow of the deck with getting off fusions.



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Please edit in a deck picture to the OP or it will be removed

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cyber phoenix don't look that useful,I would suggest to drop those for shining angel.

since you have a lot of stall ( valley and larva ) then gold sarco can work,to seach power bond or w/e,most probably cut on call of haunted and negate attack

slacker magician can work in extra

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Please edit in a deck picture to the OP or it will be removed

sorry about that edited in

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Put shadow-imprisonning to side deck ;)
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you need at least 1 mroe light hex and 1 more spell for fusion.

phoenix is useful for protecting your fusions from cards that target, and if destroyed by battle, allows you to draw a card.


3 cyber dragon

3 proto cyber dragon

3 cyber dragon zwei

3 shining angel

1 honest

2 light hex sealed fusion

2 cyber phoenix

3 cyber valley


3 power bond ( or 2 power bond, 2 poly)

1 polymerization

1 overload fusion

1 monster reborn

1 heavy storm

1 mystical space typhoon

2 forbidden lance


2 mirror force

2 starlight road

1 torrential tribute

2 compulsory evacuation device

1 dimensional prison

1 waboku

1 solemn judgement

1 solemn warning


3 cyber twin dragon

2 cyber end dragon

1 chimeratech overdragon

3 fortress

1 stardust dragon

1 gagaga cowboy

1 utopia

1 dijiin

there u go!

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