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Solved  Creature Swap vs. Infestation Pandemic

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So, I was to my first real life tournament yesterday, and immediately had this issue coming to me in my matchup vs. Evilswarms.

Situation as follows:

It's my turn.
I have a face-up "Red Gadget" on my field, the opponent controls an "Evilswarm Heliotrope" and "Daigusto Emeral". During my Main Phase 1, I activate "Creature Swap", selecting my "Red Gadget". He claims to select his "Evilswarm Heliotrope", then proceeds to activate "Infestation Pandemic".

His view: He gets my "Red Gadget", but "Evilswarm Heliotrope" stays untouched and on his field, as he's unaffected by Spells/Traps when "Creature Swap" resolves. Sounds reasonable.

My view: "Creature Swap" just plain cannot resolve when one of the targets is no longer "valid" and everything stays as it is. It would be better if it was this way, at least for me, so I just claimed that I read it was like that :P

We get a judge, and he himself didn't seem to be 100% sure.

Judges view: "Creature Swap" targets players, not monsters, thus "Infestation Pandemic" doesn't protect his Heliotrope against anything. Which means in the end: I get his Heliotrope, he gets my Gadget. End of story.

I'd just like to know if the judge was actually right, and if so, what is the reasoning behind this?

Thanks a bunch :)




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the monsters will not be swapped if a card such as infestation or lance is chained to it or a monster was lanced or infestationed before hand.

also what that judge wasnt correct creature swap most certainly affects the monsters :D

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A monster affected by Infestation Pandemic cannot be switched for Creature Swap. Even though he had another monster on the field, he can still choose to give the affected monster to you when Creature Swap resolves, which will make Swap fizzle and no monsters to bee switched.

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CSwap will never be 1 sided, if one player isn't able to give a monster the other person won't give anything either.
^all you need to know
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