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[SC] Madolche Chirpolate

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Madolche Chirpolate
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Level 3 Earth Beast/Effect Atk 800 Def 1500
When this card in your possession is destroyed by your opponent's card (either by battle or by effect) and sent to your Graveyard: Shuffle this card into the Deck. Once per turn, when a "Madolche" monster(s) you control changes its battle position: Target 1 monster on the field; change it to face-up Defense Position, and if you do, if that target is not a "Madolche" monster, it cannot attack, also its effects are negated.

As it is a madolche this card has the generic When destroyed and sent to grave shuffle back into the deck. Although this card is a madolche, it doesn't really offer anything to the deck and the only other madolche with a somewhat similar effect is Baaple, which isn't used much. At first glance this card looks completely useless and in the madolche deck itself this is somewhat true, it can have uses outside of madolche decks but it is unlikely to be used in anything competitive.

The first thing that springs to mind that it could potentially be used in is clown control, a deck which is based around changing the battle positions of monsters. Here's a basic build so you get the idea. http://i.imgur.com/oF0vMOv.png In this deck Chirpolate could make a soft lock using Stumbling so that each time your opponent summons it is put in defence position and then they cannot attack chirpolate, which can then use it's effect to lock it into defence and negate it's effect. Although this combo is easily countered through the use of Synchro and Xyz monsters it can be useful and put your opponent in a bad situation in combination with Fossil Dyna. Chirpolate can also be used as an easy way to stop things which have annoying effects e.g. Big Eye, although Dream Clown is almost always better in this aspect as it actually gets rid of the monster, but Chirpolate can get its effect when it changes from defence to attack as well as attack to defence so its effect is easier to use.

I think that this card won't see much play outside uncompetitive fun decks based around it's effect and similar effects and it seems to be wasted potential support for the madolche archetype, I think pretty much every madolche player would have preferred a Madolche King or Prince or just something good that supports the deck. Unfortunately the chirpolate's effect isn't too useful and could be made much better by making it more than once per turn and/or making it so your opponent cannot remove them from the field in any way.

If I were to rate it I'd say about 3/10 since it doesn't really fit into it's archetype and it's effect isn't very good but it is somewhat usable and is better than not even having an effect :P

Well that's just what I think about the card. If you can think of any reasons why this card could be useful or combos or decks whether competitive or not, you might as well post them :P




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I'm currently in the process of trying to make this card useful, or at least not as abjectly terrible as it normally would be. It's rather difficult, because it's an effect that only works well during your opponent's turn and it's fiendishly difficult to get it off during your opponent's turn.
The following cards won't really help:
-Stumbling: Changes them to DEF where Chirpolate can't do anything anyways
-Zero Gravity: Will probably change your opponents' monsters to DEF where Chirpolate can't do anything anyways
-Enemy Controller: Can't be used on your own monsters
-Windstorm of Etaqua: Can't be used on your own monsters
-Tin Archduke: Can't be used on your own monsters
-Karakuri Burei: No Machines, not Quick effect
-Earthquake: Changes all monsters to DEF
-Spider Web: Field Spell conflicts with Chateau, only works during your turn at your Battle Phase
-Butterflyoke: Can't be used on your own monsters
-Ceasefire: Might work. I think the rulings say no, though I haven't checked.
-Curse of Anubis: Changes all monsters to DEF
-Final Attack Orders: Can't change your opponent's monsters to DEF then, silly
-No Entry: Changes all monsters that aren't already DEF to DEF

So there's a lot of trouble involved. There is hope with the Number Hunters, though; Angineer is literally perfect for Chirpolate. It's rank 3, so it's easy to summon, and it's a Quick Effect, so you can activate Chirpolate's effect on your opponent's turn. Butterspy Wall might get one of its only uses here, too, since ECon can't do the job. Labyrinth of Nightmare has possibilities, but you'll only get that effect during the End Phases, then.
All-Out Attacks has some potential, but you'll almost always be stuck using Chirpolate's eff on your turn unless you're OK with it going back into the deck after using Madolchepalooza.

For other combos:
Roaring Earth seems interesting to let the Madolches get some damage in after changing your opponent's battle positions, but I really don't know how useful that would be. At least the ATK/DEF nerf makes it somewhat more likely that Chirpolate can actually kill something.
Tragedy actually looks like it could be hilarious with the Madolche eff, but it would probably be too hard to pull off to bother. It's already hard enough getting Chirpolate's and Baaple's eff, sheesh.
Disclaimer: My strategies aren't good, they're just amusing.
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