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[SC] Hieratic Dragon King of Atum

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Dragon Light Rk 6 2400/2100


2 Level 6 Dragon-Type monsters
Once per turn: You can detach 1 Xyz Material from this card; Special Summon 1 Dragon-Type monster from your Deck, and make its ATK and DEF 0. This card cannot attack during the turn you activate this effect.


So here we have the last of the trinity of horribly designed Dragons and I don't think he is all that bad honestly. First for 2 level 6 dragons you can summon any dragon from the deck. Now this may sound pretty bad as it's a lone fire for dragons without the tribute, but it's restrictions is what really balances it for me. For using that eff he himself can not attack that turn and the monster he summons has 0 stats and thus essentially only useful for it's eff and as an Xyz Material for later summons.


Now that essentially leaves this guy with 3 targets that are really worth it. Of course the first is the obvious REDMD allowing you to get another Xyz going most likely and allowed for the OTK if you had 2 of these guys by making Gustav and removing the 0 stat restriction by giving you knwo a dragin that has stats along with this guy. The next target is just members of his own archetype as they will usually be able to be used right away and ignore the fact it's a monster on the field. Thirdly, GEPD as it just bypasses the 0 stats eff and he is decent against Xyzs. That's really it besides a few stragglers you could summon but probably wouldn't because this still really has to be used in his own archetype.


Now the real troublesome part about this guy is the card that removes the last restriction of him not being able to attack with the Gaia overlay. Now I don't really call this a fault of atum but more Gaia so form your own opinion about that.


Now that I got the obligatory stuff about this card out, I have to say that I honestly really dislike him. Without the Gustav OTK available to them anymore, this guys purpose is to just make another rank 6 Xyz along with him. Now that's fine and dandy with Gaia but I really don't like him all that much so I often feel I'm just summoning this guy out of an obligation versus the actual benefit. Though with the new Blue eyes support and the E-tele engine BESD is easy enough to get out with this guy and with Birdman tagging along you can do some garbage plays with him to get a full stated REDMD, 2 reborns and probably a synchro as well.


So who knows how the future of Hieratic decks will look in the future, but I feel Atums only roll will really just be to get REDMD to the field fast like always and get banished/Gaia'd.




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Just another of the many unhealthy cards that makes going first all that's needed for a free win. The amount of OTKs this ugly thing is capable of is atrocious and quite boring to watch as well. To 0 or 1 as long as there's even 1 Darkness Metal.

Oh and LOL at the "unable to attack" restriction for using his eff, when Derpnami released Gaia Dragoon in the same freaking pack.

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This card will pop up again when the Blue Eyes structure is released. That normal reborn card the deck has just makes Heiratics insanely able to OTK.


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This card will pop up again when the Blue Eyes structure is released. That normal reborn card the deck has just makes Heiratics insanely able to OTK.

But Hieratics have had Swing of Memories ever since they were created, and that gives you the same OTK potential that the Quickplay does :/

I honestly don't see how that card would make Hieratics easier to OTK with. It would be better to use than Swing of Memories, but in the time span of one turn it's literally nothing different.

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I love this card! It just allows many broken combos :)

I dont understand why bring the babies back, are they getting new support?


I doubt that'd be likely to happen since England is technically not a country, but a part of the UK. 

If the UK were to have this treatment, then someone would be suggest that we add flags for all US states. 



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