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Rank-up deck

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my first go at a non-archetype deck 

the strategy right now is to bring out utopia or hand, then rank up and do damage there


please provide some suggestions on how to improve this or even overhaul to better rank up, everythings welcome





Duke Baird

Duke Baird


I feel like Rank Up magic would be better as a tech card in an already existing deck.


Say take the ZW utopia deck, then adding in RUM to make it even better, or the battlin' Boxers.





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Try the ZW Utopia way. 

What may really help is: 

+2 Summoner Monk (Instant Xyz for Utopia)

+2 Star Drawing (Xyz draw card and possible 5 for Leo Arms)/ Substitute can probably be sacred crane for Goblindberg

+1 Kagetokage (This card is great and searchable with Feral Imp)
Cut out some of the rank ups since you need an xyz for it to work anyways

Side Imperial Iron Wall/ and switch out some of the reborn

Put 2 V Salamander/ZW Unicorn Spear/ ZW Lightning Blade/ ZW Tornado Bringer
Try Photon Thrasher +2 and ROTA



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I think there are more Rank-Up Spells than you need. They might end up becoming dead draws, so you can use a few of these cards to help you get Rank 4 Monsters:


Photon Thrasher (or Slayer, the Level 4 one). You can simply Special Summon him from your hand if you control no monsters, he also has a good ATK, and is a LIGHT monster. After you summon him, you can use him to get rid of pesky monsters, such as Rai-Oh, or just summon another monster for an instant Rank 4. I don't think you'll need Gawayn after using this guy.


Goldfish and Goblindbergh are Ok, but there's always the risk of being hit by Veiler. Running Kagetokage avoids that, and he's also searchable by King of the Feral Imps, another Rank 4 monster. You can also run Summoner Monk, since you have a lot of Spells in your Deck. He can summon any Level 4 monster from the Deck, so he'll help you a lot with Xyz.


The ammount of Rank Up spells is up to you, but 3 of each is way too much.


For the Extra Deck, you could include King of the Feral Imps (for Kagetokage), Master Key Beetle, Gagaga Cowboy, Maestroke, Abyss Dweller and Paladynamo.





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Research the umbralis archetype and add cards like photon thrasher and evilswarm magnadora to them. Also the rank up spells that you should use are 2 limited Barian and 2 numeron. Why do you use holy lightning? Since the umbralis archetype have 0def you could use kamenleon which opens up synchros. Also number 66 master key beetle and safe zone can be a funny combination. Summoner monk can ditch dead spells and pot of avarice could help you recycle your monsters. Rabbit is not good with only two normal monsters. The xyz reborn tech is pretty interesting IMO.




If you want to do a fun non archetype deck then zw is the best choice.

2 tornado bringer
2 lightning blade
3 star drawing
2 solar wind jammer
3 instant fusion
2 monk
2-3 kagetokage
2-3 photon thrasher
Photon slayer
3-4 rank up spells

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