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Blue-Eyes Shining Dragon Turbo

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! Juha Bach !

! Juha Bach !

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1x Stratos

1x Honest

2x Summoner Monk 

3x Blue-Eyes Shining Dragon

3x Blue-Eyes

3x Prisma

3x Tempest (searcher for shining dragon)

1x Avian (target for tempest)

3x Maxx "C" (draw card against dragon format)


1x Reborn

1x Heavy 

1x RotA

2x Emergency Call

2x A Hero Lives

2x Pot of Duality (i'm thinking of replacing this with lightning dragon ruler, what do you think?)

2x Miracle Fusion (can make quite easily, also can banish tempest for +s)

3x Mst

3x Forbidden Lance

3x Upstart (i might take this out later, but it helps speed up a play that is game-breaking to this meta.)


3x Breakthrough (evilswarm/dragon ruler)

3x Mind Crush (prophecy/rogue)

3x Droll and Lock (prophecy/exodia)

3x Veiler (just generic side option)

3x Flying "c" (because evilswarm messes me up bad)


1x Blue-Eyes Ultimate

1x Gustav Max

1x Dracossack

1x Big Eye

1x Utopia

1x Shock Master

1x Dire Diamond Wolf

1x Maestroke

1x Lavalval Chain

1x Emeral (can bring back a 3000 beater)

1x Abyss Dweller

1x Cowboy

2x Shining

1x Great Tornado



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Shinig tributes blue eyes ultimate, not blue eyes

! Juha Bach !

! Juha Bach !

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I just found out this deck idea doesn't work today. Pity

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