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(Tcg/Ocg) BUJIN DECK! Featuring "jewels of the valiant."

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Bujin deck i made recently that has been ALOT of fun. Its on my list to buy a soon as possible.

My main tech Jewels of the valiant, lets me abuse bujin effects when combined with necro gardna, bacon saver etc. for even more hand and grave control over the field.


Heres the deck list typed.


Monsters: x20

3x yamato

2x mikazuchi

3x habakiri

1x honest

2x murakumo

2x hachi (my MST)

2x hetsuka (SO GOOD, might bump to 3, but im not sure.)

3x necro gardna

1x bacon saver

1x necro defender


Spells: x14

3x jewels of the valiant

3x tenki

2x pot of duality

1x burial from a D.D.

1x foolish burial

1x hand destruction

1x card destruction

1x reborn

1x rise of the bujin (at first was going to take this out, but it saved my butt too many times)


Traps: x6

2x the bujin armament apparation (main search target for mikazuchi)

2x horn of the phantom beast

2x starlight road


Extra: x15 (the extra is a bit outdated, but still works.)

2x stardust dragon

1x cowboy

1x abyss dweller

1x daigusto emeral

1x lavalval chain (havnt really needed this so far, i always get a gardna or bacon)

1x maestroke

1x photon paradios

1x diamond dire wolf 

1x blackship of corn

2x constellar omega

3x bujin emporer susanoo (OP card)







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bump >.>

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No offense, but using all of that is kind of pointless. Now if it's purely a fun build that has to utilize Valiant, then by all means, good for you.

But if you want to make it better, take it out, along with Gardna, Bacon Saver, and Burial. If you want some actual good attack negation, I strongly recommend teaching one copy of Scrap-Iron Scarecrow.

A long forgotten card, but it is pretty solid. It gives you free attack negation per turn. Since attack negati is generally a minor annoyance to your opponent, no smart person would waste their MSTs on it. And if they do pop it, then that is less one back row hate card you have to worry about. So basically, only thing you have to worry about is Heavy Storm.

But seriously, this card is too good. Helps you stall in general, which is great when you're waiting to draw into Yamato. And if you have Yamato, it'll help you conserve your Habakiris for the stronger monsters your opponent has. Whatever gets negated can get destroyed by Murakumo, or Fire Fist Bear, which you should be running.

Also put Vanity's Emptiness in your deck. This is the one good archetype that works very well with it, and is the sole reason that Bujins can be competitive. Other good alternatives include Kaiser Colosseum, Summon Limit, and Rivalry of Warlords.




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Jewels of the valiant can not be taken out. I made the deck around it. The necros arnt in there to negate attacks as much as they are in there to dump murakumo, haichi and hetsuka, so scrap iron doesnt serve much purpose as i already have great battle control. Those techs to stop meta decks that you gave me such as vanities emptiness etc. are actually really good ideas however. I'll sure to test those out.

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