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Anti-Meta Constellar

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! Juha Bach !

! Juha Bach !

    Veteran Member

  • Country: Country Flag



1x Honest

3x Constellar Pollux

3x Constellar Kaus

3x Cyber Dragon

3x Veiler

3x Maxx "C"

1x Fire Fist Bear


1x Reborn

1x Heavy

1x RotA

1x Avarice

3x Forbidden Lance

3x Fire Formation - Tenki

3x Upstart Goblin


1x Solemn J.

1x Solemn W.

2x Mirror Force

3x Imperial Iron Wall

2x Safe Zone

1x Starlight Road


3x Constellar Algiedi (side out cyber dragon for evilswarms)

3x Droll & Lock (side out maxx "C" for prophecy)

3x Mst (backrow heavy decks)

1x Safe Zone (decks with heavy removal)

2x Rai-Oh (search-heavy decks)

3x Shadow-Imprisoning Mirror (dark worlds, inzektors. This over gozen match, only deck I can think of that is hurt by that is wind-up, and I already have maxx c and iron wall mained for e-drags.)


1x Ptolemy

2x Gaia Drake

2x Pleiades

2x Volcasaurus

1x Praespe 

1x Omega

1x Tiger King

1x Diamond Dire Wolf

1x Cowboy

1x Catastor (effect veiler)

1x Stardust (starlight road)

1x Chimeratech (cyber dragon for zenmaines/dracossack)


I'm not running sombres, because this deck only does well during quick setup, sombres doesn't contribute to that, and slows the deck down. It's good for control formats, but its not aggressive enough for now imo.



    Aftershox Survivor

  • Team:[AW] All Wabbits
  • Country: Country Flag
  • Location:New Jersey

-3 Cyber Dragon

-3 Upstart

-1 Lance

-1 Pot of Ava

-1 Maxx

-3 Imperial

-2 Mirror Force (Draco and Spell books and Big Eye aren't hurt)


+3 Sombre

+1 Book of Moon

+2 Pot Dua

+2 Bottomless

+1 Torrential

+3 Fiendish

+1 Comp

+2 Break Thru

+1 Sheratan




3 Droll

3 Dimensional Fissure 

3 Gozen


1 Grand Mole?



(Stole this from Minako RIP)

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