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Harpie Deck

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Check out this Harpie Deck I made......I have been quite successful with it (except against spellbooks)





I welcome all comments, suggestions, ideas.


This deck focuses on fast SS with primarily Harpie Channeler, as well as abusing hysteric sign. This deck has a good variety of xyz possibilities. Side to counter Rulers


Deck List.


Monsters: 17


1x Harpie Lady 1 (for boosting attack when necessary)

1x Harpie Lady 3 (search out with ego or channeler, then IRS)

1x Cyber Harpie Lady (sexy)

3x Harpie Queen (searchs hunting ground)

1x Mist valley solidier (search with summoner monk to get 1 turn stardust)

3x Harpie Channeler (can search harpies pet for lvl 7 xyz)

2x Harpie Dancer (on the fence about these, i find it helpful to have many "harpie cards" for ego and channeler, also IRS)

1x Harpie's Pet Baby Dragon (Occasionally handy, not often enough)

2x Harpies pet Dragon (only here to combo with channeler)

2x Summoner Monk (can search for Channeler, then another, 1 turn pretty much any xyz monster)


Spells: 13  


2x Elegant Egotist (combo with Harpie Lady to get Chidori or Zerofyne, which are both fantastic)

3x Hysteric Sign (Cornerstone of the deck, get 3 harpie cards)

2x Harpie's Hunting Ground (S/T destruction, 200 boosts, counts as a harpie card for channeler)

1x Monster Reborn

1x Dark Hole

1x Swallows nest ( great for countering a turn crippling bottomless or compulsory)

1x Inferno Reckless Summon (Combo with monk, ego, channeler, swallows, hysteric party, pinpoint guard)

1x Book of Moon

1x Forbidden Dress (Preserve a powerful monster)

1x Forbidden Lance (I like the flexibility of "forbidden" spells


Traps 9


3x Hysteric Party (Essential to any harpie deck)

1x Icarus attack (originally had more, handy at times)

1x Solemn Judgement

1x Magical Hats (Brings Hysteric Sign to grave)

1x Mirror Force

1x Pinpoint Guard (Interesting Card, stalls a turn and gives u a chance to xyz)

1x Breakthrough Skill (Some xyz effects are annoying)

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seams like a good deck as far as i know 

Maxx D2

Maxx D2


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Have you tried using garuda the wind spirit? And how about adding a second icarus attack and dropping a hysteric party(i know what your thinkng, why would you do that, but it can be dead early game and is better used late game). Also how do you feel about using just two cyber harpie lady or harpie lady one? Try getting rid of magical hats as it seems to be out of place. Put a solemn warning in its place. Take out dress add in a second lance. Take out inferno reckless summon put in mirror force. Take out pinpoint guard and breakthrough add in compulsory evacuations or bottomless.




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do you want a true advice? 

Try using the harpie/mist valley field build.

It works so much better, faster and more competitive :)



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Take out Harpie Lady 1 and 3 and add 2 more Cyber Harpie Lady. Add 1 Harpie's Pet Dragon and take out Harpie's Pet Baby Dragon. This is what I run.




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Take out Harpie Lady 1 and 3 and add 2 more Cyber Harpie Lady. Add 1 Harpie's Pet Dragon and take out Harpie's Pet Baby Dragon. This is what I run.


Taking out and adding the same dragon, seems pretty cool bro.


-1 Pinpoint Guard, -1 Inferno Reckless


+2 Lance



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Don't u run gadjiltron dragon n Gear town?




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I don't think you should run a pet baby dragon simply because it is situational all the time, you want to avoid those cards to be honest. Monster line-up apart from that seems fine, I personally run 1 pet drag and re-use it by 2 is fine aswell. take elegant egotist down to 1 because it can be recycled with hysteric sign and sometimes you draw into your main harpie ladies so not always a brilliant card to have. You should run another harpie's hunting ground because it slows down opponents and is what makes harpies so fast and aggressive. I presume that you have swallow's nest in there to easily grab a channeler, but I think you should take that out and replace it with let's say 2 divine winds and some terraformings to search it out simply because divine wind is a continuous form of consistency in the deck. much better off using that for consistency and synchro plays/ xyz plays especially with MV soldier. inferno reckless summon seems like a very good idea to swarm the field in seconds but it relies on your opponent having a monster, they have the ability to summon multiple copies of a monster they have out aswell, and it just feels like an unnecessary hysteric party. Firstly, it reduces the number of harpies in your deck because the effect once activated forces you to special summon them as many as you can, and less fodder for harpie channeler which is also not great late game. Slows down big plays, thats usually not good. if you are going to run magical hats, you need to run atleast 2 because that card immediately gets you into hysteric sign and breakthrough skill is a good idea to have in the grave with magical hats, but you only are running 1, so increase one of those. take out pinpoint guard because its just really unnecessary, hysteric party can special summon tons of harpies, and if you play harpies right, you won't be in a situation where you have no plays to resort to pinpoint. hysteric party to 2, because drawing it straight away is useless unless you wanna neg the hell out of yourself by summoning only 1 harpie. 

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