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Best Decks of All Time Garage (Airblade, Tele-DAD, Blackwings, Dragon Ruler, etc.)

Best Decks Different Formats

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So, I'm almost sure I'm barely gonna get any response, but I'd like to try this anyway. I'm trying to make decks from past formats, so I can sort of make a little experiment after I've learned the decks along with someone else, to see which deck is the best from different formats. Of course, I realize that there's a difference when it comes to TCG and OCG with the exclusives, so I'll do my best to separate them, but I need help sort of discerning different decks so I can figure out what were the best 2-4 decks in any given format. Thanks for your help!


I'll keep record of the "Best" version of the decks here. I'll add my own, but feel free to offer up your version if you feel it's better with justification and I'll see.


April 2004


September 2004


April 2005


September 2005


April 2006


September 2006


March 2007


September 2007

March 2008


September 2008


March 2009


September 2009


March 2010


September 2010


March 2011


September 2011


March 2012


September 2012



March 2013



Someone help me figure out the past metas! lol

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Well March 2012 was Inzektors, Chaos Dragons, and Dino Rabbit. September 2011 was Inzektors, Wind-Ups, and Dino Rabbit. September 2012 was Mermail.



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this is a nice idea.


Would like to see a perfect circle decklist somewhere in there as well :P



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Ragonai Izoku

    ayyyy lmaokai

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blue-eyes prophecy and beetle swarm werent meta in march 2013.







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i have a list for goat control. Afriend of mine is hosting goat format tourneys every tuesday. It's amazing how much fun it is.

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